[PREMIERE] The Cold Seas’ new video is creepily crush-worthy

While all of our fav early 2000’s, melodramatic bands are still at the top of our playlists, it’s been quite some time since any of them have released anything new.

I mean, there’s only so many times we can listen to “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” and sing about how the poor groom’s bride is a whore into our hairbrushes, right?

Anyway, if you’re like us and searching for some new tunes to listen to as you look solemnly out the window of your car, your quest is over. Alternative indie rock band The Cold Seas are your new man crush for those of you who can’t resist rocker dudes with long hair that write emotionally in depth lyrics.

The foursome hail from Asbury Park, New Jersey, and have done everything from touring with Armor For Sleep, performing with Deadmau5 and Dram and writing for Rihanna. But, today they release the video for their latest single, “Where is my Head,” right here on Galore. Check out the video and our Q&A with Matt, Erik, Chad and Nash below.

Tell us a little bit about the song and where your inspiration came from. 

Matt: We had prepped for a snow storm that night and spent hours trying to bring production for another song together. Nothing seemed to be working out and we were all getting burned out on the track so we gave it a rest. I hopped in the shower and heard some spooky noises coming from the studio. I went upstairs, passed out and didn’t really think anything of it. But when I awoke, “Where is my Head” was born.

Erik: Yeah, we were working into the wee hours of the morning and sort of hit a wall and decided to take a break. While I was sitting in the next room over Chad continued to play around with the synthesizer and was making some really strange sounds. It sounded really industrial, almost something Nine Inch Nails would use. I ran in to the room and urged him to keep playing. From there we laid down all of the parts. We saved the track in pro tools as “Where is My Head” because we were all feeling a little crazy at that hour of the morning. But Chad was able to take that phrase and run with it lyrically. As far as inspiration for the guitar solo, I wanted to do something catchy but dissonant and weird so I channeled my inner Josh Homme (from Queens of the Stone Age) and Joey Santiago (from the Pixies).

Chad: Sonically, the song was inspired from a synth (Moog Little Phatty) that we borrowed from a friend of ours. After we kind of gave up on the other song we were working on and started playing with different sounds, we ended up writing and recording “Where Is My Head.” It came together very quickly.

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If the song were set to a scene in a movie, what would it be and why? 

Nash: I can see this song set to that scene in the movie “The Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio when he’s completely lost his mind in the jungle and his reality has turned into a video game.

Chad: This one is difficult because I think we did something really cool and cinematic with the video. The sci-fi/cult theme of the video is burned into my brain and I can’t un-see it. But yeah, maybe a Stanley Kubrick movie.

Erik: I’m a big horror movie fan and would like to think the song is creepy enough that it would fit in with something like that. The scene in “The Shining” where Jack is walking the halls of the hotel with an axe looking for his wife and son would be a good fit, since he looks so crazy and has obviously completely lost his mind by that point.

Matt: I would probably have to go with the famous lawnmower scene in “Dead Alive.”

Have you ever written a song for a girl and then played it for her?

Nash: Negative.

Chad: Yeah, like once. I don’t write many happy songs. I usually write about an ex or someone or something that’s bothering me or something negative in my life. It’s good therapy, but I don’t have the privilege to play it for them directly. I’d like to think they still keep tabs on my music.

Erik: Yes, I have but I was totally embarrassed by it at the time because it was really forced and mushy. Now that I think about it I’m still pretty embarrassed about it.

Matt: Can’t say that I have. But it’s never too late right?

What kind of music do you play in the car with a girl on the way to a date? 

Nash: I like to start off with some Cattle Decapitation and then maybe some Sade.

Matt: Depends on the mood of the night.

Chad: Usually whatever I’m into at the moment, typically something chill or some Motown/oldies.

Erik: I listen to a lot of different types of music so I feel like it depends on what my mood is at that time. I’m pretty unapologetic about my love for heavy music so if they’re not down with some Deftones or Black Sabbath I’m not interested. If I’m trying to keep it mellow, I’ll probably pop on something soulful like Otis Redding or The Cure if I’m trying to go full goth.

Do you get a lot of girls sliding in your DMs as you grow as a band? What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever had someone say to you?

Nash: I wouldn’t say a lot of girls, no. In fact it seems pretty taboo these days to be direct messaging people. I feel like you’re instantly labeled a creep.  That probably mostly goes for men though. Because men are creepy.

Erik: Definitely not, but I suppose there’s always time for that. Or we are nerds and hopeless.

Chad: My DM box is a barren wasteland.

Matt: Mine is filled with cobwebs.

Do you ever notice girls in the crowd? What gets your attention from the stage? 

Nash: Yes, of course.  What gets my attention is when I see a lady really feeling our music.  You can tell when someone is into it and it’s a really special feeling.

Chad: Honestly, I get deep into my own world. I notice people, but it’s all kind of white noise. I usually just focus on performing well, not hitting a wrong note on the guitar, stepping on the right pedal, stuff like that.

Erik: Yeah, I suppose my answer would be the same as Nash’s. If a girl is really vibing to our music that definitely helps to get my attention.

Matt: Well, I have a girlfriend currently so the answer is obviously no (lol). I mostly pay attention to the response we get from the crowd. There’s no better feeling than when everyone is into it.

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Describe each other in one word. 

Nash: Chad: Nerd, Erik: Tarzan, Matt: Contemplative

Chad: Nash: Loyal, Matt: Big-hearted, Erik: Hard-working

Erik: Chad: Genius, Nash: Machine, Matt: Jocular

Matt: Chad: Humble, Erik: Shredder, Nash: Rebel

What was the last text message you sent?

Nash: My interview Answers are ridic.

Chad: Tight

Erik: Cool beans

Matt: Sup?

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Catch The Cold Seas on their Where Is My Head tour 

7/2 – Asbury Park Yacht Club

7/21 – The Stone Pony

IG and Twitter – @thecoldseas

Facebook – /thecoldseas

Website – thecoldseas.com

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