These super unique band tees are only available for 8 days at a time

We’d argue that band tees are a classic, not a trend, but you can’t deny that they’re super “in” lately.

Like all trends, there’s a wrong way and a right way to wear them – especially when everyone else is wearing them.

You don’t want to look basic, and you definitely don’t want to get caught wearing merch from a band you don’t listen to (I’m talking to you, Metallica t-shirt wearers). If you’re searching for a unique band tee, it can feel like your options are either buying a rare vintage one on Depop for $400 or actually attending a show and buying one there – which can also be super expensive. But that’s actually not the case!

There’s a newly launched site where you can get one of a kind band tees on the low, it’s called Out on Tour.

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The site launched last week and they’ve already been working some of the coolest girls – from Ava Sambora to Hailee Lautenbach.

How the site works is that they launch a new band tee every day (yes, every day). That tee starts at the very affordable price of $20, and then goes up $10 for each day it’s up, until the eighth day where it’s $80 and then will be discontinued.

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So basically, if someone doesn’t cop the tee within the first 8 days, they’re never going to get it (unless someone resells their tee eventually). And, if you stay up on the release dates, you’ll ensure that you never pay over $20 for a cool and unique band tee.

And unlike the band tees being sold at Forever 21 (no shade, love you Forever), the bands featured at Out on Tour aren’t the bands your dad or your creepy old manager listens to – at least not yet.

The bands, which range from The Rocketboys to Fossil Youth will give you way more indie street cred and won’t have men telling you they “like your shirt” with a wink on the subway – hopefully.

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And even if band tees aren’t the “it” item by the fall, these band tees stand the test of time by not being overtly band tees. Most of the designs launched so far are pretty subdued, and don’t have the band’s name in giant letters with a guitar/eagle/fire graphic or whatever. Besides, band tees are classic in our book.

Follow Out on Tour on Instagram to stay up to date on their latest launches and get yourself a killer tee to throw on for lazy summer days.

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