Many of us can relate to growing up in the church and pretending to be rock stars with our friends after school, but Infinity Song took their love for music, family and creativity to a whole new level. The sibling soft rock band has traveled all over the world perfecting their craft and they are now ready to share their talents with the world. We sat down with Angel, Israel, Momo & Abraham to learn how it feels working with siblings, exploring the soft-rock genre and much more. Keep reading to learn all about Infinity Song!


For those who don’t know, what’s the difference between soft rock music and how did you all find an interest in this genre?   

Momo: Soft rock, I think, is different from regular rock or really any other genre because it’s all about true self-expression. From the melodic choices to the lyrics, it’s all about storytelling and being honest and just not hiding. Not hiding behind anything – not hiding behind overproduction or hiding behind shame. Just getting what you’re feeling out there in the rawest of ways and in the closest way that feels authentic to you.  

Angel: I would also add that soft rock, to me, is a jeans and t-shirt type of genre. It’s all about just showing up as you are, not needing to be pretentious, not feeling the pressure of needing to be larger-than-life, or over-the-top, just being able to be yourself and write lyrics that are so specific to you and really tell your perspective. That’s kind of why I love the genre – for its lyricism, its storytelling, and just reality.  

Not only are you all an all-black soft rock band, but you also are all siblings as well. How is it working with family? What have you learned about each other since the formation of Infinity Song?  

Momo: Working with family is very revealing, in the sense that there’s no hiding. Sometimes when you work with friends or people who you’ve met midway through your life, there’s certain parts of yourself that you can hide or push under the rug. But family, they’ve known you since birth, so all the little things about you, whether they’re good or bad, they are known and they are going to be brought out, for better and for worse. And because strong emotions can come out of that, it helps to fuel us, and it makes us very strong. Our bond is very strong, and our purpose is very strong as well.  

Angel: Every day, we learn something new. We clinically assess each other every now and then! And in each of those assessments, we have a new diagnosis. We are continually growing as individuals, and therefore our chemistry as a band is continually changing, and it’s almost like wearing your favorite vintage pair of jeans. The longer you live in them, the longer we work together, the longer we’re a band, because we’ve been working, singing, living together our entire lives, but the longer we live, the more worn in it is.  

Momo: The more character is brought out, different flavors and quirks. 

Momo: Wales Bonner (top), Filosophy (jewelry) 
Angel: Prada (sweater), Amiri (undershirt), Filosophy (jewelry) 
Abraham: SEFR (shirt), Jetpack Hom(m)e (jacket), Filosophy (necklace) 
Israel: Jetpack Hom(m)e (sweater vest), An Only Child (Pants), Filosophy, J Alxndra (jewelry) 

You all grew up in a home where your parents had a deep love for music, and you’ve spoken about how music wasn’t an option to not be a part of your lives in some sort of capacity. What kind of music did your parents listen to when you were growing up?  

Everyone: Jazz, gospel, classical, world music, soul. To name some artists: Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, CeCe Winan, Earth, Wind, and Fire, Bob James, Pat Metheny, to name a few. 

How did you all end up leaning towards the soft-rock genre opposed to gospel or R & B?   

Angel: Throughout the entirety of our musical expression, from being little kids to even a few years ago, we sang multiple different genres. We’ve done classical, we’ve done jazz, we’ve done contemporary, and our debut album with Roc Nation was more pop/R&B. When the 2020 pandemic happened, we were kind of locked away together in a room and we just decided to do self-discovery through posting covers of popular songs on Instagram.  

So, through that process, we covered Fleetwood Mac’s song called “Dreams,” and we had so much fun in that creative process. It was like a different type of fun, arranging, singing and performing that song. Also, when we put the cover online, we got a different level of reaction and response from the internet. It went super viral, connected in a lock-key way. We all just felt that and remembered it, and it wasn’t until a year later that we were just thinking, “What do we want to do next?  

What feels the truest right now?” And it was thinking through that creative process that felt so fun and so good. But I was like, “If there’s something I’m going to do for the rest of my life, I think I would want it to feel like that.” So, that helped inform our next pivot to soft rock. 

Momo: To add onto that, when we did the cover of “Dreams,” it felt so at home, and it didn’t feel like we had to try that hard at all. Just felt like we needed to do what we naturally do: harmonize and let our unique vocal qualities and tones be showcased. That was the biggest thing, it felt authentic, raw, not pretentious, not like we were trying to be pop stars or palatable. Just, natural, and a natural confidence that if we are who we are, the world will gravitate towards that. 

Momo: An Only Child (dress), Steve Madden (shoes), Filosophy (jewelry) 
Angel: Paloma Maria (top), An Only Child (pants), Steve Madden (shoes), Filosophy (jewelry) 
Abraham: Paul Smith (shirt), Jetpack Hom(m)e (jacket), Filosophy (necklace) 
Israel: Zegna (sweater), Filosophy, J Alxndra (jewelry), UGG (shoes) 

If any of you were to try different musical genres, what would it be?   

Angel: Potentially hard rock! 

Is Infinity Song from Detroit but later moved to NYC? I’m from Detroit as well! Talk to us about your time in Detroit and how the musical history of your hometown has influenced your band’s sound or look.   

Abraham: Detroit is a special place, steeped in musical history. It’s like the raw talent capitol of the world in my opinion. Working in the entertainment business, so many people that we meet in NYC or LA have their origins in Detroit. Definitely something special in the air. We grew up singing in our dad’s community choir and at one point he was directing 5 different choirs, and we were in all of them. 

Angel: We were born in Detroit, raised in New York. 

Israel: Infinity Song is originally from Detroit. Our family is from there, and I was young when we moved away from Detroit, but my memories of Detroit are centered around my father and his choirs and my young childhood being in a lot of my dad’s choirs, going to choir rehearsals. But I was super young, so I don’t really remember much else outside of that. And I would say, Motown itself, which is Detroit, has had a huge influence on my family. You get a lot of great family acts and just soul acts out of Motown.  

And then, on a much smaller scale, again, super influenced by my dad and by the work he was doing in Detroit with Boys and Girls Choirs of Detroit. So yeah, Detroit is a big part of our story, although a small part of where I’ve lived in my life.  

You’ve all spoken about your intense vocal training leading up to getting signed. From daily choir rehearsals while balancing being homeschooled. Were you all able to still make time for things outside of music? What are some of your favorite hobbies right now?   

Abraham: We’ve given a lot of ourselves to music. From young kids, we were focused. In the Same way that child athletes train for the Olympics, we still found time to have fun, but music was always the priority. Currently, I like watching a good movie, hanging out with friends over food, or honestly taking a nap. I love being at home with my wife or going to a museum. 

Angel: Some of my outside hobbies are photography and film, creative direction, fashion, and doing manicures. I’ve been a nail artist for my own self for about 10 years, since I was 14.  

Momo: I don’t really have any hobbies to be honest! I would say my favorite hobby has been and always will be listening or watching live performances on YouTube or listening to live albums.  

Something about that is just so fun to me, and it just inspires me to be more of an artist every time I do that. A few of my favorite performances that I put on before I perform or just in lulls throughout my day when I’m not doing anything, and they always just fill me with wonder all over again, like I’m rediscovering music all over again, like I’m 13 in my bedroom like “Whoa, you can do that?”. 

Israel: I would say that music took up a lot of our lives and a lot of our time. That’s the price of greatness, sacrifice and doing the things that have to be done early on so that you can do the things that you want to do later.  

While there were times that we didn’t have time to do things that we wanted to or weren’t able to, I’d say that now we’re doing things that a lot of people aren’t able to do because they were doing the things that they wanted to do back then. Music took up a lot of our lives, and at this point we’re just grateful that we were on the journey that we were on.  

Momo: An Only Child (dress), Steve Madden (shoes), Filosophy (jewelry) 
Angel: Paloma Maria (top), An Only Child (pants), Steve Madden (shoes), Filosophy (jewelry) 
Abraham: Paul Smith (shirt), Jetpack Hom(m)e (jacket), Filosophy (necklace) 
Israel: Zegna (sweater), Filosophy, J Alxndra (jewelry), UGG (shoes) 

What’s so amazing about you all is that you don’t just sing. You all also are songwriters, arrangers, instrumentalists, and music producers. Talk to us about the process of discovering a new skill and how you apply it to Infinity Song.   

Abraham: For me developing new skills has always been a challenge. The art of buckling down and finishing something over a long period of time is quite intimidating, but keeping the reward in front of my mind is helpful in developing any new skill. 

Israel: I remember seven years ago when I decided I wanted to pick up the guitar, I was 19, and my sister Victory played the guitar. I might have been one of the later ones to pick up the guitar, because I remember my dad bought my little sister Momo a guitar, he got my little siblings Michael and Harmony guitars, and I remember that I didn’t really want to play the acoustic guitar. 

 So, I remember staying up late often when I decided that I wanted to get to really get into guitar, I stayed up late and watched Stevie Ray Vaughn videos and Gary Moore videos and just great guitarists. 

 Just watching them rip and run on stage with their guitar. I remember just being so inspired, and I was like, “That’s what I want to do on stage.” Everything on stage, when we apply it, it’s all about the entertainment. I remember doing that, and the way we applied it is if it’s just a value, and if it’s going to be entertaining and if it’s going to add, we just do it.   

As you all were building your fan base in the NYC area, you performed at the subway stations, pop up street performances and in Central Park for at least 10 years. Take us back to this time in your lives and talk about what your favorite memory is.   

Abraham: I have a special relationship with Central Park. I’ve learned so much from it. The thrill of performing on the street and getting a crowd of 50 to 100 strangers to fall in love with and validate you is exhilarating.  

Israel: One of my favorite memories of street performing is when we would take breaks from performing, I would usually take a football with us and play catch with my little brother and my little sister Momo, and I loved that time of day. I miss it so much, I get emotional thinking about that time in our lives, just being together like that. I miss it. 

Momo: An Only Child (dress), Steve Madden (shoes), Filosophy (jewelry) 
Angel: Paloma Maria (top), An Only Child (pants), Steve Madden (shoes), Filosophy (jewelry) 
Abraham: Paul Smith (shirt), Jetpack Hom(m)e (jacket), Filosophy (necklace) 
Israel: Zegna (sweater), Filosophy, J Alxndra (jewelry), UGG (shoes) 

Jay Z saw your band playing back in 2016 and signed you all to Roc Nation. Talk to us about this time in your life and what you have learned about the industry since then.   

Momo: At the time, I was 17 years old, and it was summer break in between junior year of high school and senior year of high school. At that point, I had been doing music all my life, but there was so much to be learned that I didn’t know. There was so much of a learning curve!

Kanye West called your band “the future of music”. Take us back to that moment when you all first met him and talk about what work you have done with Kanye. What was your biggest takeaway from working with him?    

Abraham: Kanye is a genius and a visionary; I really treasure the time we spent with him as a family. We were part of his opera at the Hollywood Bowl, which was a new and fresh experience. 

Israel: Working with Kanye was an enlightening experience for all of us, I believe. For me, I worked on production and some songwriting. But the thing about working on production with Kanye, it doesn’t mean you’re going to get anything on the final mix of the song.  

Thankfully, I was able to get credits on a Kanye song, “Wash Us in the Blood,” so I can say I produced on a Kanye and Travis Scott song. Biggest takeaways are to be able to rework a song as many times as you need to get it right and just really be able to feel the music and the power in that.  

Momo: An Only Child (dress), Steve Madden (shoes), Filosophy (jewelry) 
Angel: Paloma Maria (top), An Only Child (pants), Steve Madden (shoes), Filosophy (jewelry) 
Abraham: Paul Smith (shirt), Jetpack Hom(m)e (jacket), Filosophy (necklace) 
Israel: Zegna (sweater), Filosophy, J Alxndra (jewelry), UGG (shoes) 

Let’s talk about your most recently popular song “Hater Anthem”. It was all over TikTok last year and the video is so cute. How did this song come about, and did you know it would do as well as it has?   

Abraham: In music, we play to win. So, we expect the songs that we write and put out to resonate with people. I think we look forward to even more people falling in love with our music. 

Israel: You can’t necessarily know unless you have the biggest budgets in the world that it’s going to do well. What we did know was we had a brilliantly written song, it was written by Momo, and we also knew that we had the passion to push it out there. We were very confident in the song itself and I think that confidence showed in the way we marketed it. I’m very happy that it was received well.  

Infinity Song is preparing to drop the deluxe edition to your most recent Metamorphosis EP very soon. What can you tell us what is in store for these additional new songs?   

Abraham: We’re going to lean even more into soft rock, and rock in general. We don’t want to lose the risk and discovery part of creativity.  

Israel: These next songs that we’re putting on the Metamorphosis Deluxe will be just as amazing as the ones we’ve already heard! Just as thought-provoking, if not more so, just as intentionally developed. We haven’t even gotten into the studio at this point as I’m saying this, but I already know that it’ll be some of the best music we’ve ever made, and I’m already proud of it.  

What would each of you describe your fashion style as? What pieces can you not live without?   

Abraham: I love a good silhouette, I like basic, essentials, staple pieces. Slacks, jeans, boots, Oxford Shoes, good jackets, I also like Japanese inspired clothes. 

Angel: I would describe my fashion style as meaningful, natural, romantic, elegant, and soft.  

Momo: I would describe my fashion style as grounded, sometimes a little preppy, a little rock-n-roll. I love my denim and I love my leathers. I can’t live without my cowboy boots and my cherry-red Jeffrey Campbell boots; I’ve been wearing those out for two years at this point.  

Angel: I also can’t live without a pair of white sneakers and can’t live without a boot/dress combo. It’s got to be a pair of boots and a dress, no heels! No stilettos around here. 

Israel: I’m not sure how I would describe my style, but I know I think it’s cool! There’s not really any specific clothing item or piece that I can’t live without, but I do love a good jacket and some good boots.  

Momo: An Only Child (dress), Steve Madden (shoes), Filosophy (jewelry) 
Angel: Paloma Maria (top), An Only Child (pants), Steve Madden (shoes), Filosophy (jewelry) 
Abraham: Paul Smith (shirt), Jetpack Hom(m)e (jacket), Filosophy (necklace) 
Israel: Zegna (sweater), Filosophy, J Alxndra (jewelry), UGG (shoes) 

Angel & Momo, what are the top beauty items you take with you while traveling and doing shows?   

Angel: My current obsession for beauty are these mini, very tiny hair curlers. They’re so small – you can put them in your purse, you can literally fit them in a jacket pocket. You could literally touch-up your curls like you would touch up your lipstick, so I love that. And then lip gloss, a strong lip gloss, always.  

Also, nail polish, a manicure. I really regret one day, we were just so busy shooting a bunch of different content, and I think I took off my manicure and that was the day we shot the “Slow Burn” music video, or one of the days. So, one clip in there, you’ll see my bare fingernails! Which is fine, but generally I can’t live without it! 

Momo: I travel with and can’t live without my perm rod rollers. I wear it every night and brush the curls out in the morning, and it gives me my staple big blowout look. Also, I cannot live without three blush shades. I combine them. It’s hot pink, bright orange, and a deeper pink, sometimes even a deeper orange, and I just mix them all together and I have to put that all over my face. It’s a similar combo for my lips as well. I love a bright cheek and a bright lip, it feels alive.  

And last thing, I can’t live without a winged liner. My face is not complete without a winged liner. It needs it badly. And, a French tip manicure. I’ve been having this for over a year at this point and I just literally will not live without it.  

You recently dropped a new video for song #5 on The Metamorphosis EP, “Slow Burn”. Talk about the creative process that went behind this video?   

Angel: The music video, I think, was shot between three different days. The first day we shot it was freezing in New York. It made the whole process very difficult. The first shot in the video is the first thing we shot at all for the video, and it was that brick wall on the diagonal corner. 

 That set a strong tone for the rest of the shots because we knew we had a strong foundation with the four of us on the wall, and me starting out and then Momo joining in for her verse. It looked cool, New York, so basic and simple. That kind of set the tone for the rest of the days. And what’s funny and happened unintentionally with the fashion and styling for the video, which is so understated and minimal, we didn’t try to dress up or feel costume-y for this. 

 But I went thrifting somewhere in between the first day and the last day of our shooting and I found two vintage coats. I was like, “I don’t know why I need to get these, but I need to buy these.” And they were overpriced, so I really just must’ve felt like I needed to buy them! The one I wore was navy blue, and the one Momo wore in the rest of her shots was this fur-lined tan coat. That’s just how some of the fashion came together, just like that. 

Momo: We were really just trying to capture the essence of us, as that’s what people had been gravitating towards in our short-form content: us in really cool landscapes, but just us and our simple wardrobe and capturing the simplicity of who we are and the authenticity. Even watching the video, I’m very proud of it because I feel like it’s just a perfect statement of who Infinity Song is. No frills yet, later in life we will have different creative ideas and stuff like that. But right now, this is the thesis statement. No frills, this is just who we are. 

Angel: And the last thing I’ll say about this “Slow Burn” video – the cinematographer we work with, his name is Adam, and he has a great eye for minimalist, kind of detail shots. So that lip shot, the close-up on the lips, was his idea for sure. And the ratio it was shot in, he was like, “I think we should do it this way!” We worked really well with him, and we love him, so shoutout Adam! 

Infinity Song is heading to Europe soon to hit the festival stages and go on tour. Where can Galore readers see you live this year?   

Abraham: We’re going all around the world this year; I particularly look forward to our show in London. I think the people in the UK have such good energy. Touring Europe will be special. Also, we’ll do Lollapalooza in Chicago. That’ll be fun!  

Israel: Galore readers will be able to see us live all over this year! A lot of Europe, North America (or the US more specifically but maybe some other North American stops), and Australia. Those are some of the things I know right now, but things are constantly developing, and we could be anywhere this year! So, keep an eye out and keep your eyes on us so you can see where we’ll be.  

What’s next for you all? What can we expect from Infinity Song in 2024 and beyond? 

Abraham: WORLD DOMINATION!!! Haha, we look forward to sharing our music with the world. 

Israel: You can expect a continued striving for greatness in terms of our music and our shows and the way we present ourselves. We’ll continue to get better and better and I’m just excited for our continued metamorphosis.  

Momo: An Only Child (dress), Steve Madden (shoes), Filosophy (jewelry) 
Angel: Paloma Maria (top), An Only Child (pants), Steve Madden (shoes), Filosophy (jewelry) 
Abraham: Paul Smith (shirt), Jetpack Hom(m)e (jacket), Filosophy (necklace) 
Israel: Zegna (sweater), Filosophy, J Alxndra (jewelry), UGG (shoes) 


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