Stories by Keri Dolan

  1. Bella Hadid Wore Fishnets With Bermuda Shorts

    As if the fashion emerging from young Hollywood wasn’t confusing enough lately, Bella Hadid just threw us for even more of a loop by rocking fishnets under a pair of Bermuda-length, high-waisted denim jorts. Yes, jorts. The classy bottom-wear typically found on your fav early 2000s sk8ter boi/in your dad’s vacation wardrobe. Cute. Read More:

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  2. Bella Hadid Rides The Subway Like A Normal Person

    Bella Hadid wants you to know she’s a real New Yorker. At a recent event promoting her latest DKNY campaign, Bella reflected on her love for NYC and all that it has to offer. She spoke of her adoration for Williamsburg sushi restaurants, gallery hopping and even confessed to riding the subway. So relatable! Read

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