Stories by Keri Dolan

  1. These Native American women are keeping their culture alive on Insta

    In case you haven’t heard, Columbus Day is cancelled. Now, certain states across the country are choosing to celebrate the second Monday of October as “Indigenous Peoples Day” rather than “Christopher Columbus Day.” To celebrate, we’re honoring these bad ass chicks who are keeping their Native American culture alive on Instagram. Check them out below.

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  2. Snoop Dogg once hot-boxed Demi Lovato’s home

    Demi Lovato is a badass b*tch and we are all about it. Yesterday, we were invited to the Vevo headquarters in NYC to watch the queen herself premiere two brand new acoustic videos off of her newly released album. READ ALSO: Miley fans think her new song “She’s Not Him” is about Stella Maxwell The Vevo

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  3. Inside Harry Styles’ first solo NYC show

    Walking up to the venue of a Harry Styles show is pretty intense. There’s a line of girls by the thousands wrapped around city blocks, tons of security and police and a bunch of people crying because they couldn’t get into the sold out event. If you thought getting near Harry was going to be

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