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  1. How To Maintain Your Emo Aesthetic During Dress Season

    Warm weather is approaching quickly (we hope) and soon enough every girl will be rocking some sort of frilly dress and a pair of sandals. While going pantless is effing awesome, it can be pretty hard to find something that molds into your wardrobe if pastels and florals are so not your style. Luckily, Galore

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  2. Charlie Puth Has Harsh Words for an Ex in His New Single

    Someone effed Charlie Puth up real bad. The singer dropped his latest track last night via an immersive music experience called “The Attention Room,” and it’s def a full 360 0n his usual boy-next-door sound. Read More: Selena & The Weeknd Did Not Go on a Date to Olive Garden With lyrics like, “You just want

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  3. [PREMIERE] Jasmine Thompson’s “Wonderland” of Wasted Youth

    “Wasted youth in wonderland.” That’s the verse that carries the tone of Jasmine Thompson’s latest single. A dark and eclectic melody plays under her eerie vocals as she sings about wasting your teen years away. The 16-year-old British singer is well beyond her years and feels that today’s youth is being wasted, with kids being forced to

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  4. Hey Violet Is Keeping Pop-Punk Alive

    Pop-punk remains alive people and Hey Violet are spearheading the movement. If you don’t recognize their name, you definitely will recognize their anthems like “Fuqboi” and “Guys My Age,” which shamelessly call out the real effed up sh*t that guys can do. The band, consisting of Rena Lovelis (lead vocals), Nia Lovelis (drums, vocals),  Miranda Miller

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