NoMBe’s Warning in the Shape of an Infectious Anthem Titled “Boys Like Me”

Genre chameleon NoMBe is back again with a full-on anthem titled “Boys Like Me” as part of his upcoming EP, “Noah.” 

Through the song, NoMBe showcases his signature genre-bending style, transitioning from infectious indie-pop to a closing flourish of distorted electric guitars. Propelled by the catchy melody, the message is clear, be cautious when dealing with bad boys. 

Listen here.

Raised in Germany and currently based in Los Angeles, NoMBe has built a reputation for defying expectations and sculpting a sound unlike any other. The ever-evolving artist approaches music with free-flowing creativity. His sound takes a life of its own, effortlessly adapting to his current vibe. One minute he might be rocking out with distorted sounds, the next he’s crafting feel-good anthems with synths and disco beats. This fluidity is a hallmark of his career, with each project boasting a distinct sonic identity. He broke into the scene with his 2018 debut album “They Might’ve Even Loved Me,” and ever since, he has racked up nearly 1 billion streams.

Watch the video here

With his latest song, “Boys Like Me,” NoMBe takes a new direction, a pulsating pop anthem with a dose of brutal honesty. NoMBe himself describes it as a “fair warning.” The lyrics paint a picture of a charming bad boy who knows he’s not cut out for commitment. The repeated refrain of “Don’t fall in love with boys like me” isn’t exactly a love song, but it’s a message with enough charisma to make you skip the warning signs.

Sonically, the song does not hold back. It kicks off with a beat with infectious energy that will get you moving for sure. The production shines for its level of details that keep listeners anchored with catchy melodies and shimmering synths, resulting in a soundscape that is both, bright and sophisticated. The song grows with the addition of distorted electric guitars that add a rush of raw energy. 

With “Boys Like Me” NoMBe proves once again why he’s a genre chameleon to watch. This fresh track is a perfect example of his ever-evolving sound, blending infectious pop with a powerful rock finish. This dance floor anthem delivers a clear message with a wink and a smile: beware the captivating bad boy, but at least the fun is guaranteed. 

With his EP “Noah” coming soon, NoMBe is sure to keep pushing boundaries and captivating audiences with his unique blend of honesty and musical muscle. To share his so-awaited EP with the audience, NoMBe has also announced a special performance at the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles. Scheduled for May 2nd, this one-night-only event promises to be an electrifying set list featuring the fresh tracks from “Noah”, the favorite hits from his previous albums, and potential surprises. Make sure you get your tickets HERE.

Photography by Kato

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