People Who Never Had Acne Get More Wrinkles

If you were one of the many poor unfortunate souls who suffered horrendous acne in your pre-teen years (or still do), then have no fear, justice will soon be served.

Well, maybe not that soon, depending on how old you are right now, but eventually.

Turns out that people who have acne early in life have been shown to age way slower than their clear-skinned pals. Yep, revenge is sweet.

The study that uncovered this fact was published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology.

The researchers analyzed 1,205 female twins and found that theย subjects who admitted to experiencing acne were more likely to haveย protective caps (a.k.a telomeres) on the ends of their chromosomes. Translation: your genes are the fountain of youth.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But telomeres prevent your chromosomes from weakening, and weakening chromosomes are linked to aging. Therefore, people with longer chromosomes age slower than those with shorter chromosomes.

The study doesn’t explicitly say that people who never had acne are going to wrinkle up like a prune at the first sign of adulthood, but things are def looking up for the ex-pizza-faces among us.

Sure, maybe your pre-teen years may have been plagued with pimples and awkward phases, but soon you’ll be 30, flirty, thriving, and looking way better than all your friends who had “perfect skin” in high school.

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