‘The Twins’ Reveal The Sexiest Pieces Of Clothing They Own

Dressing sexy can be a female superpower, and Galore loves women who use their sex appeal to feel stronger.

DJ duo “The Twins,” made up of real life twin sisters Ellie Kelaart and Brooke Kelaart, reveal the items they feel sexiest wearing straight from inside of their closets. If you’re looking for your next head turning garment, keep on reading to find out what they suggest.

What’s the sexiest piece of clothing you own?

We love our high-cut one piece swimsuits by Batari Swimwear. The swimsuits come in such a flattering shape and make your legs look so long!

What’s the secret to the best Instagram post? Or better yet, the secret to the best OOTD pic?

It’s all about the lighting! Also, if you want to show off your outfit, you need to make sure the background is simple.

If you had to wear one outfit for the entire year of 2016, what would it be?

Oversize tees and ripped skinny jeans are our go-to.️

What are your thoughts on “the monokini?”

We love them! They suit all body types and can also be worn with jeans or shorts.

Which city has the best shopping?

We love Melrose Ave in LA for cool one-off pieces.

Who is your biggest style icon?

Kylie Jenner is always on point!

What’s your personal stance on piercings and tattoos? Do you have any? Why or why not?

We do have tattoos and will probably get more in the future. It’s all about being individual and expressing yourself.

Photos by Denissa

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