Your Boyfriend’s Beard Could Be Giving You Acne

Right about when the hipster trend was at its peak, a dude with a beard became the hottest thing since sliced pizza.

Something about facial hair is really hot. Especially if that beard is accompanied by tattoos, a ripped bod, and a motorcycle.

But just like bad boys, it turns out that men with beards are really no good for us. Why? Because kissing a guy with a beard can irritate your skin and give you acne.

“As your smooth face rubs against a hairy face, it creates friction and irritation which stimulates oil production,” explained Dr. Sejal Shah to Cosmopolitan. “This excess oil can combine with dead skin cells in the pore, creating a plug in the pore and leading to the development of acne.”

Even if you didn’t notice that you’ve been getting pimples around your mouth, there’s no denying that kissing a dude with a beard isn’t always the easiest on your skin (hello, beard burn?).

Unfortunately, there’s not much that you can do about it, it’s kind of on him.

If you’re close enough to tell him what to do with his face, explain that he should be trimming his split-beard ends and washing his beard just like he washes he hair, with something antibacterial ideally, suggests Dr. Paul Friedman, dermatologist.

Don’t try to be sneaky and rub oils or lotions into his beard, because you should know that oil and your skin is never a good match if you’re trying to get rid of or prevent acne.

If bae isn’t about this whole clean beard life, it’s time for a new bae. I mean for real, beards are so 2014, and we all know beards are the male form of makeup. If they want to hate on girls who contour, why don’t we hate on dudes who hide their face with beards?

On the other hand, you could just forgo the kissing and keep using him (and his ripped bod) for the good stuff…

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