‘Hair Contouring’ Is the New Ombré (No, Seriously)

First of all, apologies for this headline which we admit reads like a page out of millennial beauty Mad Libs.

But yes, there is now a thing called hair contouring, and it’s being touted as the new ombré. Is this what politicians mean when they talk about progress?

Technically, this new process is called “eclipting,” was invented by Aveda, and news of it comes by way of Nylon.

So WTF is it? Well, according to Nylon:

Eclipting is a new way of coloring hair that’s designed to illuminate facial features with varying placements of shadow and light. In so many words, it’s kind of like contouring, but for your hair. It highlights specific aspects of a hairstyle with the use of contrasting colors to draw in or bring out an individual’s specific features and contours—meaning that no one customer’s eclipted style will ever look at the same.

Sounds like witchcraft, just in time for Halloween.

Eclipting allegedly “works with the guest’s skin tone, eye color, haircut, and face shape to create the desired effect,” David Adams of FourteenJay in NYC told Nylon, and it’s supposed to bring out your favorite features.

The below video from blogger Le Happy further explains the process, which kind of sounds like smoke and mirrors… but then again, isn’t that what beauty’s all about?

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