The Top 10 Thot-Positive Cities For Women

If you’re a sex-positive boss – and I’m sure you are if you’re reading this –and you’re wondering where you should visit this summer, or perhaps even relocate to for good, allow us to share with you this list from Lazeeva.

Basically, they surveyed 450,000 people to construct the ultimate list of the most sex-positive cities for women.

But, what exactly does that mean?

Well, they took into account women’s sexual satisfaction, sex toy consumption, access to contraception, and gender equality. Here are the cities that made the top 10!

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1. London, UK

London heads the top of the list mainly due to their high sex toy consumption and their access to contraception, while their sexual satisfaction and equality are still more middle of the road. As Ginger Spice once said, “girl power!”

2. Paris, France

This might come as a shock since Paris is known for their cat-callers, but aside from their gender equality, every other category ranked pretty high for Parisians. Guess the whole “city of romance” stereotype holds true.

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3. Auckland, New Zealand

Aside from Norwegian cities, Auckland ranked as the highest gender equality on the list at a 9.2 rating. Their sexual satisfaction and access to contraception don’t rank quite as high, unfortunately.

4. Los Angeles, USA

Finally, the USA makes a splash, although we can’t say we’re totally surprised it took this long! LA babes are very sexually satisfied, and the high sales of sex toys show they’re not afraid to get the job done on their own.

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5. Chicago, USA

The windy city loves dildos! Their sex toy sales were nearly as high as London’s, making them the top two lovers of vibrating bunnies and other magical things.

6. Austin, USA

Keep Austin weird, am I right? Also, keep Austin sexual. Austin’s gender equality rated low (a 4, just like the other US cities), but their sex toy sales and satisfaction also was on the upper end of the scale.

7. Brussels, Belgium

Ladies in Belgium were the most sexually satisfied out of everywhere. Obviously, you have to keep in mind that women in different countries may have different standards for their idea of “sexual satisfaction,” but it’s still worth a shot to visit Belgium in hopes of visiting O-town (and I don’t mean the early 2000s boy band).

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8. Basel, Switzerland

The chicas of Basel barely buy any sex toys at all, but maybe because of the gender equality their sexual satisfaction is still pretty primo!

9. Liverpool, UK

The ladies of Liverpool are also not that big on sex toys, but their access to contraception ranks at a 9 like London, earning them a good spot on the list.

10. Geneva, Switzerland

Rounding out the top 10 is Geneva, which like Basel has sick gender equality at a number 9.

Check out the full report here for the top 50 cities.

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