Miley captioned her latest tattoo pic with some Kim K shade

There are a lot of things that come out of Kim Kardashian’s mouth on a daily basis. Some of them may inspire you to dip into your bank account and buy yourself some Fittea, some of them may inspire you to investigate whether you too have the ability to smell cavities, and some of them are just inspiring.

Over the weekend, while showing off the tiny vegan flower Miley Cyrus decided to get tattooed on her body forever, Miley managed to throw a dig at Kim K while quoting what might be the most iconic thing to tumble out of  Kim’s pouty lips:

Honey, would you put a bumper sticker on a Bentley?

Kim said this in reference to the fact that she has no tattoos.  The implication is that her body is a Bentley, and a tawdry, classless tattoo would demean its value.

It’s a fun one-liner, but pretty shady to the tatted set.

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So now Miley has done her duty to remove the tattoo stigma.

As we all know, when Miley Cyrus decides something is important to her, she purposefully makes that quality a part of her brand. Like when she became a stoner or when she stopped being a stoner.

So it can hardly come as any surprise that over the weekend Miley made a point of showing of reminding everybody just how serious she is about being a vegan.

Vegan for life! 💚

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And then, out of nowhere, Miley seemed to throw Kim Kardashian a little shade by captioning a photo of her face fixed into a snarling sneer:

“Bumper stickers all over dis bentley #vegan #emu #pablowtheblowfish ectttttt.”

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bumper stickers all over dis bentley #vegan #emu #pablowtheblowfish ectttttt

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Here’s the clip of Kim dishing the original shade in 2009 on the Wendy Williams Show. Wendy asked Kim if she had ink, and Kim responded by saying, “Honey, would you put a bumper sticker on a Bentley?”

And when she finally got her tramp stamp removed, Kim’s sister Khloe was quoted as saying, “I should have listened to Kim when she told me, ‘Don’t put a bumper sticker on a Bentley.’ Bye-bye bumper sticker!”

But Miley Cyrus didn’t quote Kim to champion her opinion about tattoos, instead making the argument that her body was still a Bentley even though it’s surface area is almost completely covered in so many bumper stickers she didn’t have the patience to hashtag them all.

And while this might not be the most savage use of celebrity shade, there was no reason why Miley had to pull a Kim K reference out of her back pocket. There are lots of words she could have used to make her argument. But she chose to use a phrase that Kim Kardsahian has famously been identified as a Kim-ism multiple times.

Maybe it wasn’t strictly shade, but it’s impossible to say it wasn’t shade.

And while I’m not here to advocate that getting tattoos makes you any less beautiful or valuable, you have to admit that what Kim said is true.

You never do see bumper stickers on expensive cars.

Makes you think.

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