Kim Kardashian Has a Long History of Claiming She Can Smell Cavities

Practically every human being alive on the planet claims to have some hidden talent that’ll knock your socks off, but Kim Kardashian really takes the cake.

For the past eight years now, Kim has claimed that she has the power to smell cavities.


She’s said this on Twitter, she’s said it on Keeping Up Wth the Kardashians, she’s said it in a high-profile magazine cover interview, and on Thursday she reiterated her claim to TMZ.

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While waltzing into Cuvée, a casual breakfast-to-dinner cafe in Beverly Jills with 3.5 stars on Yelp, a female paparazzo (a mind-blowing fact on its own) asks Kim, “Is it true that you can smell [if] someone has a cavity just by smelling them?”

With a big grin on her face, Kim turns to what might just be the only female paparazzo in the business and simply says, “Yes.”

Encouraged, the female paparazzo asks a follow-up question, “Who have you done this to?”

“Everyone,” Kim responds, as she flashes one last withering stare for the cameras.

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Smelling cavities has been Kim’s fun fact since 2009 when she randomly announced on Twitter, “I have a really odd talent. I can smell when someone has cavities! I have never been wrong yet! They don’t even have 2 be super close by me. I can smell by having one conversation with someone! sooo weird huh!”

But back in the late 2000s, people weren’t hanging on to Kim’s every word, and so a year later, after correctly assessing that everybody had forgotten about it, Kim again mentioned her talent on Twitter.

“Someone has a cavity in the car I’m in. I can smell it.”

And then, two years later, Kim Kardashian got the opportunity she’d been waiting for her whole life: the chance to prove to the public her talent was real.

Unfortunately, she chose to do this in an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, a show that’s notorious for being, well, not strictly real.

In a 2012 episode, Kim gave Khloe’s then-husband Lamar Odom a hug and then walked out in the hallway to tell Khlo a secret:

“Khlo, I think Lamar has a cavity.”

“Duh,” Khloe replied. “He has like 20 I’m sure.”

But Kim was not letting her younger sister take her moment of glory away from her.

“No, I could smell it,” Kim insisted. “My sixth sense is coming.”

In an on camera confessional Kim elaborated saying, “I have this like, sixth sense, where I can smell if someone has a cavity. And everyone knows Lamar loves candy.”

Not to discredit Kim or anything, but using a known candy abuser and all around mess of a person as your prime example of your hidden talent to sniff out tooth decay might not the strongest choice, but it sure did make for some great TV.  

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But wait, there’s more.

Just when you thought Kim was finally ready to let bygones be bygones, she brought up her unbelievable talent again in a joint interview with Kanye West in 2016 for Harper’s Bazaar.

“I can smell when someone has a cavity,” Kim explained. “It’s a very specific smell – not a bad-breath smell – but something that is really strong.”

She did not choose to elaborate further.

But no matter how many times Kim assures us that she can in fact smell cavities, it’s impossible to shake the feeling that smelling cavities isn’t a thing.

Although according to my editor, Molly Mulshine, it 100% is.

Just like Kim, Molly also claims to smell cavities, although to be completely honest, she couldn’t smell the two small cavities I had this past December.

At the time, she clarified her claim to say she could just smell cavities if they got really bad.

Still when The Ringer launched their own investigation into whether or not human beings without X-Men level powers can smell cavities, multiple dentists agreed that, nah, that’s not a thing.

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So does this mean Kim Kardashian has been lying to us all these years?

Maybe, but probably not.

In all likelihood, Kim genuinely believes she can smell cavities and has been right enough times to dismiss any of the nay sayers.

Now whether or not Kim has proven her power by actually having “one conversation” with somebody and then saying directly to their face, you should go to a dentist because I’m pretty sure you have some tooth decay happening in the back of your mouth or her friends just tell her they have cavities and she turns around and says, I knew I could smell something off about you, the world may never know.

But it sure is a bold and beautiful statement.

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