There May Finally Be a Cure For Herpes

There may be a new treatment to completely stop the spread of your favorite STD to make fun of.

If you know nothing about STD’s, you probably think that Herpes is one of the worst. I mean, a red, itchy, rash on your vag? No thanks.

But the thing is, Herpes is ridiculously common, like you MIGHT have it without knowing. And besides the whole rash situation (which may never return after a first outbreak), there aren’t any other negative side effects.

In fact, we’d argue that people really need to chill the fuck out about Herpes, it’s basically the same as getting an acne outbreak on your face, and if there was no stigma, it’d be no big deal.

Regardless, those who do have Herpes (and know it) have to deal with the stigma for life… until maybe now.

A new treatment called Theravax is in its early trial stages, but has already yielded very positive results for those who have tested it, according to Elite Daily.

The treatment is a 3-shot process, and its said to completely stop the spread of Herpes, something that none of the current options do.

Considering that 67 percent of people worldwide have oral Herpes and 11 percent of people have genital Herpes, the current options are obviously not doing shit.

It’s unclear when Theravax will be FDA approved and available to the public, but we hope that the vaccine will allow people with Herpes to stop being shamed. In the mean time, worry about your own genitals instead of other people’s.

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