Marilyn Monroe’s LA Home Is On Sale For a Chill $6.9 Million

Most people would rather not live in a house where someone previously met their untimely death, but that all changes when we’re talking about one of Hollywood’s most iconic babes.

After all, when you ignore the fact that Marilyn Monroe overdosed and died in the bedroom of her LA home, it would be pretty sweet to live in her old house.

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Well, if you have roughly 7 million dollars, you can!

Marilyn’s old Brentwood home was sold to a lucky buyer in 2012, but it’s now on the market again for $6.9 million.

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Back in the day, Marilyn paid $90,000 for it, according to Vanity Fair. Check out the pics below and you can almost see Marilyn’s ghost sashaying around the kitchen in her iconic white dress. JK…kind of.

The house is 2,624 square feet and was built in 1929.

Mercer Vine, the realty group listing the property, said to Vanity Fair that nothing has been drastically changed since Marilyn’s departure and the “overall feeling and aesthetic and vibe” of Marilyn is still there, whatever that means.

One of Marilyn’s last interviews, with LIFE Magazine, was conducted at the home.

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The home is also super private, which is likely why Marilyn loved it. It resides at the end of a cul-de-sac in one of LA’s bougiest neighborhoods.

The picture above may or may not be the room where Marilyn died, but there are four bedrooms, so who knows.

The house has super high ceilings throughout, which is great for parties.

It’s definitely a far cry from Kylie Jenner’s taste in mansions, but it’s classic, just like Marilyn.

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