Here’s What Kylie’s $6M House Looked Like Before She Moved In

You and Kylie Jenner might both have a fuckboy ex-boyfriend, but the similarities end there.

Because Kylie also has three mansions, a seven-figure revenue, a thriving beauty biz, and an ass that just won’t quit.

But why on earth would a 19-year-old need three mansions? Well, it might have been to house her broke wannabe rapper boyfriend, but it also might just have been because she can. After all, if your house looked like this, you’d want another one too.

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Here, I present to you, some photos of Kylie’s $6 million Hidden Hills crib. Keep in mind these pics are from Zillow so they’re obvi before she moved in — hence the lacking wig collection.

Try not to cry.

First we have the perfect kitchen for Kylie to stock with McDonald’s munchies…

And then a steamy shower where perhaps she invites over her rapper of the moment for a rendezvous…

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Another view of the same bathroom (I think) shows a luxe af chandelier over the bathtub. Because honestly, how Kardashian is that?

There’s also this prom-perfection staircase. Isn’t it weird imagining Kylie doing basic things like walking up the stairs? No? Just me. Okay, anyway…

There’s also this sweet sun-room type thing for frolicking in the yard with a red solo cup of booze, as 19-year-olds tend to do.

And, obviously, a pool.

Here’s one of the master bedrooms, which is probably bigger than your entire apartment.

And the master closet, which is also probably bigger than your apartment.

And, finally, a full home view of King Kylie’s lair. Or, one of her many lairs, anyways.

How’s that for Monday motivations?

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