‘Friends At First Sight’ Is Officially a Thing

Either you roll your eyes at the thought of love at first sight, or you sigh “aww,” and clutch your chest.

Well, while love at first sight usually ends up crashing and burning (see: Romeo and Juliet), science says that doesn’t mean it’s not real. But what you might not know is that friendship at first sight is also a thing, according to a study on “friendship chemistry.”

The lead researcher described “friendship chemistry” to NY Mag as “an instant connection between friends that is easy and makes the relationship seem natural.”

You know that time you were drunk af and started exchanging Snapchats with that rando in the club bathroom? Totes friendship at first sight.

Okay, maybe not, because you were drunk so you never hit her up again. But when you’re not drunk and you meet a chick that you instantly click with, you’re way more likely to actually become real BFFs with her later.

Except the feeling isn’t always mutual, which is kinda awks and explains that one chick who keeps insisting that you two have to hang out but you secretly think she’s a serial killer.

But regardless, the lead researcher, Kelly Campbell, found that personal relationships are formed more on the basis of intuition than reason.

“There are two ways we make decisions,” she explained to NY Mag. “There’s cognitive reasoning, where we’re thinking through things, gathering information, being rational, weighing the pros and cons. And there’s the emotional side, which includes things like intuition,” Campbell says.

Basically, when you instantly “click” with a new lady friend, “you’re tapping into the fact that it feels good to be around this person.”

But other studies have warned us the friend you initially are drawn to might end up being a narcissist, or just a psycho. We think the same goes for love at first sight. But hey, don’t take our word for it. Go fall in friendship at first sight with someone tonight and let us know how it goes!

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