6 Things You Forget To Thank Your BFF For

BFF’s really don’t get the credit that they deserve. Your boo than can buy you one measly bouquet and suddenly he’s the “best bae in the world,” but your BFF does shit time after time and barely gets so much as a “thanks betch.”

Well, in honor of it being November, the official month of thanks betch, we wanted to extend an extra thank you to our BFFs. Thanks for doing way more than holding our hair back.

1. Listening To You Complain

Whether it’s about the loser you’ve been fucking for way too long, or your weekly Friday rant about how you wish you had smaller thighs, your BFF is always there for you to listen to your constant complaining, pretend to care (even if she doesn’t), and occasionally offering pointless advice that still makes you feel better.

2. Always Being DTE and DTD

Down to eat, and down to drink, obvi.

3. Telling You How You Really Look In That Outfit

Friends will tell you that you look fabulous, but best friends will tell you that you looked way better in the bodysuit than the crop top, cuz your abs aren’t on fleek after you both housed that pizza.

4. Forcing You To Be Social

If it weren’t for our friends, we’d all probably just sit in our houses on the internet all day. Or maybe that’s just us, whatever. Either way, your BFF yanks you out of your six hour Netflix binge to get food, or go to a party, or whatever, and you should be thankful for that.

5. Putting Chicks Before Dicks

Nothing is worse than a friend who ditches you for her boyfriend constantly. If your BFF doesn’t do that, and doesn’t even get mad at you for making out with the guy she kind of had a crush on, she’s obvi a keeper. Besides, friends are forever and boys are whatever!

6. Giving You Standards When You Don’t Have Any

The classic move. You’re out at a party, and some rando grabs you and starts trying to grind with you. Your best friend is always there to tell you if he’s cute or not, because she’s a true friend. The same goes for when you’re blacked out and convinced you’ve met your soul mate, but she makes you realize that it’s probs a bad idea to bring home the club’s bouncer who lives with his mom. Good on her.

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