How Kimberly Patterson went from makeup artist to movie actress

Ever hear that saying about being in the right place at the right time? For most of us, it just sounds like another BS phrase that obnoxious couples use to caption their Instagram posts or that your great aunt says to try and cheer you up after a bad week. However, it’s 100% the way to describe makeup-artist-turned-actress Kimberly Patterson’s discovery.

Once responsible for glamming up the stars before they go on-screen, Kimberly soon found herself playing the love interest of Nick Cannon in a major film after being discovered by his production team on the set of a commercial she was working.

“I was on the set of a commercial shoot for Usain Bolt when I had to leave to attend to a few clients I had booked,” she told Galore. “In the parking lot I was approached by two members of the production team and invited to the auditions to be held the following morning. With no acting experience whatsoever, I had no idea what to expect. To sum up the Jamaican Cinderella story, I was the first person to the audition and immediately landed the role as Maya. I’m not sure what made them think I’d be good for the role.”

Kimberly’s story is def not something you hear happening often and one that most girls could only dream about. I sat down with the debut actress to ask her about how much her life has changed since her discovery, how being a makeup artist has helped her acting career and her beauty predictions for the upcoming year. Plus, she was even cool enough to share a few sneak preview snapshots from her upcoming film, “King of the Dancehall.”

What was one skill you learned as a makeup artist that helped you transition into acting? 

As a makeup artist, I have to be very observant to the needs of my clients and ensure I’m giving them what they want as they put their trust in my creative skills.  I’m also always observing what’s happening around me so I can recognize new trends in the industry, be inspired, and continue to evolve as a makeup artist holistically. This aided my transition into acting because I had to pay close attention to other actors filming, thus ultimately teaching me a few tricks of the trade which really helped me to bring my character “Maya” to life!

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What was your dream job as a kid? Did you want to be a makeup artist or did you always secretly want to be onscreen? 

Growing up I didn’t have a dream job. I just knew that I wanted to be successful at whatever I eventually chose to do. It wasn’t until in my early twenties that I found my passion for makeup and decided to develop my skills in that area. I never thought I would ever be onscreen but now that I’ve had this opportunity… let’s just say I’ve definitely been bitten by the acting bug. I love it!

Do you hope to do more acting in the future? What are some of your goals? 

Absolutely! This is a new passion of mine and I’m really enjoying learning about the industry.  I’m constantly setting new goals for myself  because I never want to become stagnant,  I want to keep growing. In terms of acting, my dream is to do many more feature length films, play different types of roles in different genres and really hone my talent as a serious actress. Hopefully this will also open more doors of opportunity for myself as well as some other great Jamaican actresses.

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There were a lot of big names on set like Nick and Whoopi Goldberg. Did anyone give you any words of wisdom?

Louis Gossett Jr played my father in this film. He told me to stay focused because I truly had the potential to be a success. He also encouraged me not to limit myself and that if I enjoyed acting I should go for it as he saw something in me that even more seasoned actors still struggle with. He also mentioned that he had played the father to Halle Berry- whom I admire a lot- in the series “Extant” and so technically she and I are sisters! So Halle, if you’ve been looking for your long lost sister, I’m over here!

What are your beauty tips for looking good on camera? What’s one product every girl should have to take the perfect selfie? 

First, let your inner beauty shine through the lens. Keep your makeup looking as natural as possible, enhancing your natural features and rock those angles. A must have for the perfect selfie is indeed great lighting. A good product then is the selfie ring light that can be attached to your mobile phone creating endless possibilities of getting great pictures.

Looking back over the last year, what’s a beauty trend that you may not have liked at first but grew to love? 

Highlighting! I never liked it at first and I thought it was being overused and looked unnatural but when I saw how great it looked when used correctly, I fell in love with it and now it’s something I do to myself and my clients all the time.

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What product do you think you used most this year? 

As a makeup artist I use a lot of different products but the one I am obsessed with and have used the most this year is the Ultra High Definition foundation by Make Up For Ever. It has such great coverage yet super lightweight and this works amazingly in a tropical country like Jamaica. To think of it, I would LOVE to be one of their Caribbean brand ambassadors!

Winged eyeliner and matte lips have been the signature look for some time now. What do you predict will be the next big makeup trend? 

You can’t go wrong with a clean, natural look with soft colors and a simple lip gloss. I also think the 60s-style single-lined cut-crease look and the exaggeratedly drawn lower lashes inspired by the fashion icon Twiggy are about to make a huge comeback. I would definitely rock that style of makeup.

If you could do makeup on any celebrity, who would it be and why? 

Zendaya! I love what she embodies as an individual. She’s so positive and bold and not afraid to be herself in any situation. She is also a natural beauty and has the type of face that any makeup artist would love to enhance. Her face is an amazing canvas.

What is one beauty product you think no one really needs? 

Skin primer, because with good skin care and good skin prepping, your skin can stay flawless all day, so skin primer wouldn’t be necessary.

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Do you prefer to dress up or dress down? Why? 

Both for sure. It depends on how I feel when I get up that morning. There are days when I just want to be simple and relaxed but there are also many times when I feel like being a showstopper and really standing out. But if I had to choose, I think it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.

Is there a trend from the past that you secretly hope will come back?  

With the jumpers coming back in style which I am excited about, I’d love to see the cropped tops with super baggy jeans, belly chains and nice kicks inspired by the late Aaliyah… Comfortable and sexy all in one outfit.

Lastly, what’s your go to Instagram filter? 

I don’t really use filters but when I do, I use Valencia.

King of the Dancehall is available now on YouTube Red

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