Matcha toner is the only thing saving my sweaty face

This summer I’m officially sweating my balls off. Although I might not be able to stop my boob sweat, I can do something about my face sweat and oil. I’ve tried everything from Korean skin care to French skin care to home-made goods, and I swear by a good toner.

It’s a step that a lot of people skip (for shame!!!!!), but I feel like a good toner can change your entire skincare routine. Basically toner is meant to clean your face from any residual soap (after washing your face) or dirt and skin cells, leaving your skin ready and prepped for your serum, moisturizer, etc. If you’re a lazy girl like me and don’t feel like washing your face every time you break a sweat (which is literally every second the day rn), wipe on some toner with a cotton ball for a quick pick-me-up! Some people can’t stop themselves from buying lipsticks, I’m a sucker for toner.

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Pretty much, here’s my take on some of the many I’ve tried:

1. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Astringent Toner-$23

This has been my staple toner for the past year, I’ve repurchased plenty of times. It’s a great toner for someone who’s on the oilier side, or if you’re battling acne. I have an oily T-zone and this one is just a bit drying for me to use everyday. I’d recommend using every other day, once a day. Or after a workout where you need a quick pick me up. This one is astringent (meaning there’s alcohol in it) so if you have sensitive or dry skin, it’s probably a no-go for you!


2. Milk Matcha Toner- $26

Okay, I definitely wasn’t expecting this to be good. Like at all. Mostly I was seduced by the packaging and matcha inclusion. Oh, and I was also trying to reach the $50 purchase minimum needed for free shipping on Sephora, but let me tell you this toner is A+. My skin has never felt more hydrated and it straight up glistens like baby skin.

It doesn’t feel like a normal toner, more like a moisturizer. I’ve seen some reviews that say it leaves you sticky, but it’s more of a slight waxy feeling that ends up sinking in and leaving your skin super hydrated. I glide it on and put on some SPF and I have a summer glow that lasts all day, WITHOUT GETTING OILY!!! Bravo Milk.


3. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Clarifying Solution- $23

If you’re new to using toners and just want a safe bet, it’s this one!! It’s more gentle than the astringent toner from LRP, but still does the trick and will leave your skin feeling clean.

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4. Thayer’s Witch Hazel Toner- $10.95

Alright I didn’t actually try this one, but our co-worker Maddie Cordoba swears by it. “This is the homie because it’s super effective with its witch hazel, but rose is so good for your skin, and moisturizing so it’s the perfect mix of strong, but leaves your skin not parched.” Also only $10.95, score!!


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