Invest in these swim trends now because they’ll still be huge next year

Swim trends are in an insane place right now, there’s no doubt about it. It’s a good thing, because you can experiment with some insane plunging one piece or a ribbed bikini, but it’s also concerning because trends are coming and going so fast as of late.

What if you splurge on a killer swimsuit that’s wild and trendy this summer only for it to go out of style by next summer?

Well, thankfully tons of swim designers showcased their Spring and Summer collections for 2018 at Funkshion Swim Week Miami, and lots of trends seem like they’ll be staying put!

We’ve highlighted some of the trends that will be staying relevant from this summer to next so you know what suits to stock up on when mid-summer swim sales start popping up.

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1. All Tied Up


Montce Swim

Is it a bikini top or is it a cute day-thotting top? It’s both! Bikini tops with this whole tied-up look ruled the swim week runways, and Montce has a version you can buy right now so you can get a head start on this lewk.

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2. Velvet


Baes & Bikinis (1-3), Mia Marcelle (4-5), Getty Images

As time passes, the whole velvet bikini thing is becoming less ridiculous and more luxe – and swimwear designers are not trying to get over it anytime soon. Tons of designers showed velvet swimwear that toed the line between beach-ready and boujee lingerie.

If you were worried about buying a velvet bikini for fear that they wouldn’t be a thing next summer, rejoice! They will be alive and well in summer 2018. Maybe you should snag this dusty rose velvet kini from ASOS while it’s on sale?

3. Thong bottoms


Lolli Swim

Sisqo’s comeback might not last, but the thong-tha-thong-thong-thong bikini bottom is thriving into 2018. Literally zero shows I went to featured full-coverage bottoms, and more often than not they were on the very cheeky side. I mean, could this peach emoji Lolli bikini bottom scream “ass” any more clearly?

But Lolli has been doing teeny-tiny bikini bottoms for a while, and you can snag one this summer while swim sales are popping off!

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4. Crazy one pieces


For Love and Lemons

We clearly have either given up on avoiding bad tan lines, or are really hitting the whole “do it for the gram” swimwear trends hard – seriously insane one pieces ruled swim week. And, as designers pointed out at the Swim Week Brunch & Industry Talk on Sunday – so many girls are doubling up and wearing one pieces as bodysuits for ready-to-wear looks. If you can’t wait until this polka dot dream comes out, perhaps you’ll fancy this lingerie inspired one piece?

5. Millennial pink


Beach Bunny

We know this year’s Pantone color is a weird green, but as far as swimwear designers are concerned, millennial pink is still slaying. The runways were rife with baby pink lewks everywhere, and designers like Beach Bunny and Lolli Swim took the color obsession a step further by adding in millennial pink accessories too. Try this baby pink Beach Bunny bikini so you can slay this summer and next.

6. Lace-up details


Luli Fama

First we saw it on bodysuits and crop tops, then on jeans, then on corset belts, and now on swimwear too. Missguided has a bunch of suits with lace-up detailing for the low so you can get this look now and keep on rockin’ it through Summer 18.

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7. Mermaid inspired


Lolli Swim

Is it a little kitsch and corny? Sure. Is it fun for those days when you really want to get in touch with the princess er, mermaid inside? Totally. A couple of brands showcased a shell shocked bikini top like this one, and you can get your own version (on sale) from Lolli here.

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