ASOS is letting its swim models slay with stretchmarks

Photo editing is not to be taken lightly, especially not in 2017. When every teen has Facetune on their iPhone and people are making finstas for the sole purpose of posting imperfect photos of themselves, the photoshop epidemic has clearly made its way from the fashion industry to the masses.

And what happens in fashion when a trend hits the masses? To be cool, you have to go in the complete opposite direction. And, as we’ve seen with brands like Aerie and Lane Bryant, that’s exactly what has been happening.

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Another dope brand just hopped on the no-photoshop brigade (or like, maybe just less photoshop) – ASOS.

ASOS had already been doing pretty well in terms of having models of all ethnicities and backgrounds with a variety of body types, but some specific photos of a bikini model rocking her lil’ booty stretch marks are making everyone on Twitter foam at the mouth.

The brand hasn’t released any statements or anything as far as we know — that’s why we’re not sure if it’s an official Photoshop-free stance, or if they’re still editing photos, just with a lighter touch.

It’s almost cooler that they didn’t feel a need to pat themselves on the back for it with a big press statement, though. Presenting women’s bodies the way they actually look should just be the norm, and this is a step in that direction.

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