Why girls are using finsta to roast the dudes they’re dating

Every girl thinks her finsta is a hush-hush type of deal. But what if you had a leak? What would people find out? And what drama would it start? For most girls, it’s going to be the same agenda: bashing. Particularly guy bashing.

I was at the bar the other night when one of my good friends starts telling me a girl from his school sent him screenshots of another girl’s finsta with captions that had to do with him.

This girl actually zoomed in on a picture of him to the point where it was only his eye displayed as the actual finstagram pic. Underneath, the caption read: “Mmmm that eye I wish it was MINE.”

So weird.

That’s creepy enough, but it only got worse as she then went on and on in the caption about how she hates him because he doesn’t want to date her.

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This happens more often than not, because most girls (including myself) think a private Instagram account is a secure platform.

But since we know that instances like these happen, why don’t we just stick to something a little safer? Like writing in our diary about our crush instead of plastering it on the very public internet?

Because no one can double-tap your diary, duh! We caught up with some girls and asked if they’ve ever smeared a guys name on their finsta before to understand just why it’s so fun to publicly talk shit on dudes – even if it makes you look like a psycho.

One girl spills that she has put up finstas bashing the guy she’s been talking to before.

“I put up a screenshot of a convo we were having,” finsta user Kayla says. “He sent me a screenshot of Total Frat Move’s Instagram story. It was this girl laying on her side at the beach in a thong bikini and he goes, ‘what are you doing on TFM?'”

She says she posted it on finsta because it was f*cking gross of him. It was also a complete turnoff because the girl looked nothing like her and the dude in question was 35 years old! Um, bro, can’t you graduate to GQ or something?

She’s since deleted his number.

When I asked her if she thought it made her look bad posting a finsta bashing a guy, she answered rather confidently: “I mean, I am an insane nut, IDGAF, because if you’re gonna say some dumb shit you deserve to be embarrassed publicly.”

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Another girl says she does it with no remorse and plans to keep doing it until guys realize how dumb they sound on social media/when they’re texting.

One particular instance she recalls is when a pic of her and an ex popped up on her Facebook “memories” section.

“This pic pops up and I almost lose my damn mind. I screenshot it instantly and post it,” says finsta user Tina. “He’s the worst. It ruined my day. I made the caption: “I whitened the f*ck out of his teeth in this bc his teeth are ACTUALLY the shade of freshly shucked corn BYE.”

When I asked her why she posted it, she says it’s because he’s so irrelevant now that it’s funny to look back on the “good” times they had and see them for what they really are which is “garbage.”

But wouldn’t some people think this means Tina isn’t over her ex and that she clearly still cares?

“It absolutely does make me nuts, but sometimes it’s just so mind boggling how a picture or an instance can make you feel,” she said. “You don’t know how to rationalize how you’re feeling, so you look to others for their input. So yes, I’m definitely crazy, but isn’t everyone?”

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Okay, guess crowd-sourcing your love life can be useful.

Another finsta user echoed this idea, saying that the last post she made about a guy was part of her decision to cut him off. The post is a screenshot of their conversation with the contact’s name cut off so you can only see the texts back and forth.

“He starts off with ‘wanna smoke?’ I got back to him a few hours later and explained I was at work, this was the only response I sent to him for the rest of the night,” explains finsta user Cecilia. “After that, his texts just started rolling in hour after hour, with me not responding. ‘You tryna come back and fuck’ at 11:07 p.m., ‘Wanna smoke later?’ at 12:30 a.m.”

There were about three more texts until he finally got the hint. The caption on the finsta was: “If anyone can guess who [this is] I’ll Venmo you $1.” When I asked her why she put it up, she said it just shows how boys are weirdly too forward sometimes and she wanted to make a fun game with her friends.

Was she worried that his friends might see it?

“Not at all,” she said. “I seriously didn’t even think twice before I put it up. I knew the people who knew him would laugh and the people who didn’t would also think it was funny and I don’t let anyone follow me who would find it offensive or share it.”

Our word of advice? If you’re gonna post like the girls in here, make sure you keep your followers to a min, or just send it to your group chat. Wouldn’t wanna end up being exposed looking like a #psycho – it’s not a good look.

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