10 brand new products to buy from Sephora before summer ends

Summer is the time where most of us allow our skin to take a breather, because putting more makeup on isn’t going to protect our skin from sweating, but make it easier for our pores to get clogged. Wearing foundation in the summer (unless it has SPF) can be very counterproductive, unless it’s a skin tint or BB cream. Wearing a full face of makeup while its humid outside is annoying because it usually just melts off.

Highlighter is definitely something you can wear year round, but what about a bronze golden glow? You’re not gonna be walking around with bronzer on when its absolutely freezing in the winter, especially when your skin is dry and lacks its natural glow. If you want to wear makeup thats light and going to enhance your skin’s natural texture and glow, here are 10 products that will do just that. But, you have to try them before summer ends! After all, if you want to look like a glowing goddess, you’re going to need the sun for that.

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1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit

There’s a reason Kylie Jenner ripped off this palette. It’s because its literally the shit and will have your face looking some typa way. Compared to the first glow kit, this kit has cooler tones that are meant to be used on all different parts of your face. The Anastasia glow kit is a must have for any highlighter fanatic, or if you just wanna add some shimmer to your life.


2. Naked Heat Palette

If you’ve been a fan of the Naked palette since the first one came out, this is some very exciting news. This Naked palette is called Heat for a reason- because its HOT af and will make you feel like a fiery goddess. Whoever said corals were out was highly mistaken.


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3. Becca Liquid Crystal Glow Gloss

Ummm, am I the only one getting emotional right now? Becca has some lit products (especially their highlighter which you should probably check out), but this gloss is like nothing the makeup brand has ever made. Its beautiful and sparkly and will transform you into a glamorous gal just like Fergie.


4. Divine Duo Lip and Cheek

This is a product new to the scene, but it’s already getting pretty good reviews. It’s a bright lip and cheek duo that is creamy and glides on like its nothing. It gives any face a pretty flush of pink/red to make you look more alive.


5. Custom Enhancer Drops


The first time I ever used this, I was pretty much mesmerized. One little drop of this glitter potion will add the the most amazing glow to any part of your face, and it has a really smooth consistency. It blends into skin easily and creates a glittery veil thats different from any other highlighting product.


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6. Colourpop Gimme More

Gimme more is right! Colourpop has always had super pigmented and amazing products whether its highlighter or lipstick. This palette will give you the perfect island glow you’ve been wanting to achieve this summer.


7. Powermatte Lip Tint

You can really never go wrong with Nars, especially with their powerful lip tint thats matte and weightless. There is a variety of colors you can wear depending on the day/mood your in, and its guaranteed to stay put.


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8. LA Palette Santa Monica

Alright, so the names on this palette may or may not sound familiar to you, but they’re pretty spot on if you’re an LA native. You could probably wear the farmers market color to the farmers market and it would be perfect, because its simple and light. If you wore sunset yoga while doing yoga on the beach, you would definitely be matching to the sun.


9. Huda Beauty Lip Strobe

If you’re looking for a summery shimmer for your lips, this is the product to have. Huda Beauty is fairly new to the scene, and it’s already taking over. You’re lips well be kissable af in this gloss.


10. Aqua XL Ink Liner

If your tryna be more edgy yet summery at the same time, this liquid liner is the best thing to use. It comes in a wide range of vibrant colors that will make any eye color pop. It’s super thick and matte too, and will stay on throughout the day.


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