Kim K Is Wearing Juicy Couture On Magazine Covers Now

You know how earlier this week we told you that Kylie Jenner was doing everything in her power to make wearing Juicy Couture sweatsuits a thing?

Kim K decided she wanted to be the one to do the honors so she took things to the next level and proclaimed her love of the iconic 2000s fashion trend on the cover of Wonderland magazine.

Obviously she’s wearing angel wings because only somebody sent down from heaven could usher in the revival of wearing clothes that look like pajamas in public.

Not that Vetements hasn’t tried, but who really has hundreds of dollars to spend on a DHL sweatshirt anyway?

Then again, maybe Wonderland just went with angel wings because it fits into the whole biblical vibe they’re clearly going for with their Kim K cover story.

Bible, we’re here for it.

While Kimmy may not be a virgin mother, she is the saint of bike shorts, freeing her entire boob, and knee-high clear plastic boots.

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