Kim Kardashian Is Now Wearing Bike Shorts With Her Nips Exposed

This June, Kim Kardashian decided she was going to make wearing bike shorts with heels a thing. It was an inspired choice, and at the time we applauded her trailblazing approach to business casual attire.

Now, two months later, she’s decided to make wearing bike shorts even sexier by exposing her nips at the same time.

Again, we’re all about it.

Kim Kardashian was spotted in this truly inspired ensemble in New York City on Tuesday (click here to see), walking around Tribeca with her husband, looking like wearing bike shorts with a corset-like button up top with a sheer chest, a flowing robe and a pair of black fuzzy slippers was NBD.

Even though Kim didn’t end up winning the CFDA Fashion Icon award this year, who else do you know that can not only get away with this kind of behavior but also pull it off so well that for a second, you actually wonder whether you too could be capable of rocking an outfit like that in public.

Like maybe you could wear these, or these, or even these.

Long live Kim Kardashian, fashion trailblazer extraordinaire.

[H/T Us Weekly]

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