15 Trends We Really Miss From The 2000s

Everything in fashion is bound to come back eventually, but lots of 2000s trends have returned sooner than we expected. Are we surprised? Sure. But do we mind? Def not.

In fact, here are 15 trends we’ve been missing from the glory days, that we’re ready to re-live, like now.

1. Newsboy Caps

Bouclé Newsboy Cap, Nordstrom

Before dry shampoo was a “thing,” this is what we grabbed on a bad hair day. Or, you know, when we were trying to be like Britney, who had her signature khaki newsboy cap back in the day.

2. Bandanas as Tops

Why spend $50 on a top from Bebe when you could just buy a $3 bandana from CVS and call it a day? Broke bitches can be trendy too!

3. Juicy Everything

☄ #JUICY ☄

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We can’t necessarily say the same about Juicy’s 10 pound charm bracelets or flip-flops, but their sweatsuits were so fucking comfy, and so practical! Who said sweatpants can’t be sexy? Just throw “JUICY” on the butt.

4. Uggs

UGGs are another 00s trend that was comfy af. Sure, clear PVC boots are trendy now, but those are probably blister and sweat inducing, whereas all UGGs did was make your feet feel like they were walking on a cloud. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is wearing them again, so you can too.

5. Jean Skirts

Universally flattering, universally matching with everything, universally allowing random white strings to hang down near your butt at all times to disguise your tampon string. What’s not to love about jean skirts? Specifically the ones from Abercrombie and Hollister, a.k.a. the holy grail of early 2000s denim.

6. Scrunchy Tops

Never have an issue fitting all your shit into a carry-on bag with these babies. They’re tiny and cute, just like those monkeys you used to wear on your graphic tees, and they fit everybody! You and all your friends can do a scrunchy-top swap, even if you’re not all the same size. Fab.

7. Logos Everywhere

Minimalism was not a thing in the 2000s, and neither was not flaunting where you bought your clothes. Whether you were spending major dollars at Juicy or going bargain hunting at Aeropostale, you needed everyone to know where your fly look was from. And considering many brands chose to showcase their logos in rhinestones or glitter, we’re down for it.

8. Platform Slide Sandals

Comfy, extra height, and water-proof? Say no more. These shoes were perfection.

9. Tube Tops

Pulling up your shitty Wet Seal tube top every five seconds wasn’t ideal, but the *sexy* way it showcased your glitter-dusted shoulders was. And tube tops are totally back. So if you’re not into it, too bad.

10. Glitter Tattoos

Designs By Sherry

Before every girl got an infinity sign or Tumblr quote tatted on their ribs, they all got glitter henna tats of Playboy bunnies. It was an effortless transition. Plus, glitter henna tats will be gone in a week! Your tribute tat to your dog is forever…

11. Glitter Lip Gloss

Sure, the lip gloss got stuck to your crimped hair every once in a while, but it was worth it to have that glitter-glossy look. Boys LoVeD that ish, right?!

12. Smackers In Every Flavor Possible

Smackers were kinda like the Pokemon Go of every girl’s “makeup” collection. Girl Scout flavored Lip Smackers? Needed it. Soda flavored Lip Smackers? DEFINITELY needed it. Spicy Taco flavored Lip Smackers? Just take my money!

13. Ombre Sunglasses

Mirrored sunnies are cool and all, but like, how can you not want to copy this entire Carmen Electra look?

14. Whale Tails

Nothing sadder than buying really cute undies and not having anyone to show them to. Thankfully, when whale tails were a “thing,” you could show your cute undies to everyone. This Manny Santos look was aspirational to us all.

15. Rhinestones Everywhere

Bedazzle your flip phone, bedazzle your Discman, bedazzle your vag (it’s a thing, I swear). Nothing wrong with a little (or a lot) of bling. Be your best self!

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