You’ll Never Guess What Carmen Electra’s Favorite S&M Prop Is

Carmen Electra and Khloé Kardashian compare porn interests on Khloé’s new (awesome) show, Kocktails with Khloé, tonight, and based on this teaser clip, we’re going to learn a lot.

Electra, the iconic Baywatch babe whose name is practically synonymous with sex — also the founder of a signature lube line — was candid about her wild interests, one of which includes a cane. That she uses for sex.

“I have a cane. A hard cane. Do you love me more now?” she asked Khloé, flipping her hair. “It just gives a slight sting. It was a gift. Isn’t that a sweet gift? So endearing.”

Did you see this coming? Khloé revealed she also owns a cane, and a crystal whip. She’s used both (on recently outed cheater James Harden, maybe?). Two girls, two canes — are we missing out on a massive geriatric-inspired sex trend or what?

Carmen also said her interest in porn borders on addiction. What kind does she prefer?

“I like a little bit of hardcore, like S&M, ” she said. “Spank that butt!”

Well, if anyone can transition the ass-eating trend to a sex cane fad, it’s Carmen. See her full confession below. The full episode airs tonight at 8.

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