Instagram’s favorite sex ed blogger just dropped a zine that every young adult should read

If you didn’t already know, Instagram mogul Eileen Kelly turned her IG handle, @killerandasweetthang, into a highly successful sex-ed blog inspired by her teenage days scrolling through Tumblr. 

After receiving critical success from her fan base and beyond, Kelly decided she would take her brand to the next level, by releasing an exclusive print zine. “I had never made a zine before and one day I was just like, ‘I want to hold something in my hand!’ I want to be able to put the work we do on my coffee table,” said Eileen.

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She ironically titled the zine “Pull Out,” to comment on the methods young people use due to their lack of sexual education. Eileen believes that the physical medium of a book will make this kind of education more accessible and distributable to older generations.

People are just going to be more familiar with a less virtual and digitized format. “The change we are trying to catalyze goes beyond just Gen Z and millennials, we want to reach the parents that have raised us and the teachers who have taught us,” Eileen said.

While KAAST operates more as a resource, Eileen and her team to try something different with “Pull Out.” “It’s more artistic than the site and you have to read a bit deeper into it. I think it will serve both young people and people of an older generation. It’s an interesting take on the lives that we live,” Eileen said.

“I think that it’s incredibly important for young people to have the opportunity to chime in on their own sex lives and generation, and that these opinions can be captured and distributed in a book form.”

The zine dives into more topics not yet discussed on the site, such as sex work, particularly, how social media has changed and influenced its stigma. Eileen believes that too often in the media, middle-aged people put are putting the youth down and dictating the sex-stratosphere with unrealistic and uninformed ideas.

“I think it’s important that we hear from the generation that is actually experiencing the sexual meets digital revolution. Perhaps their stories will even educate and influence these middle-aged people. Everyone has a story to tell and a viewpoint,” she said.

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The main insight Eileen hopes readers will gain from the zine is just how complex this moment in time is. She strongly believes that the psychological effects that draw from our current obsession with technology will be studied for the rest of time. “We are the guinea pigs of this cultural shift. How we speak, communicate, meet, our attention spans; all changing rapidly,” she said.

The zine is available to purchase online, making it even more accessible to everyone. “I’m hoping that those who purchase the zines will share them. I think it would be cool to find one on a park bench or in your school library. Some place that a person might pick up the book because of the alluring cover, and have the chance to learn from the content,” Kelly said.

You can take an exclusive sneak peek at the zine here:

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