I got screwed by my pharmacy and started ordering birth control online

If you talk to any woman about birth control, you’ll know that it’s usually extremely difficult for us to find the type that works the best. Birth control can cause so many changes to your body, that sometimes a brand can cause horrible acne for one girl, and can be a perfect match for another.

Birth control can be even trickier if you have pre-existing hormonal issues, a busy schedule, issues with remembering to take it, a doctor who’s never in town, and more. There’s so many things that can go wrong throughout the process of simply getting a set of pills.

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I personally have had issues with my birth control because of my hypothyroidism. I had to find a birth control that wouldn’t give me acne or make me gain even more weight, which, in the world of birth control, is kind of hard to find. Once I found the right brand, though, holy shit was that AMAZING.

My skin finally cleared up other than the occasional period zit, my weight stopped fluctuating, and my mood wasn’t all over the place. On top of that, I realized that my period was actually more normal and on schedule.

So, you can imagine that when my Rite Aid discontinued the brand, I freaked out. Balancing your hormones is a tricky and long-winded task, and I wasn’t about to reverse all of my hard work. I decided to Google around and see if anyone else might have my specific brand, and that’s when I found The Pill Club.

They give you the option of being able to text, call, or email them (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PST), so I shot them a text and asked if they carried the brand I needed. They responded that yes, they did in fact carry it. That easy.

And that’s their main mission, to make the birth control process easy for you. Their website explains that the company wants to focus on empowerment, simplicity, and personalized care.

The most “strenuous” part about the process was just sending them a photo of my ID and my insurances, which took literally 2 seconds to text it over.

It doesn’t matter if you have a prescription or don’t, if you have insurance or don’t, The Pill Club basically has you covered. “Need a new birth control prescription? Already have an existing one? Have insurance? Don’t have insurance? No problem! We can handle every situation,” their website states. The company is HIPPA compliant, and currently carries the pill, the patch, and the ring options of contraception.

They even offer the option to add emergency contraception in your package for $15 or for free if your insurance covers it.

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The Pill Club includes FREE DELIVERY and it’s “delivered with love,” as they say, meaning the package always comes with a little surprise inside. They have different freebies depending on what they get sent from collaborating brands, but past bonus gifts have been chocolate, skincare samples, condoms, tampons, lube, and sex-empowering stickers.

My package arrived in a mini teal envelope with a THCO chocolate, a ONE condom, and a cute sticker that says “Progress, not perfection.” They also make sure the packaging is super discreet, with the sender’s name as “TPC” for an extra layer of privacy. It arrived only a few days after I ordered with them.

The best part about The Pill Club to me is that it delivers to your door, because my Rite Aid sucked. The line was always 20 minutes long, the pharmacists were cranky, and I wasn’t even getting the brand I liked. Now, I don’t have to rush to the pharmacy every month right before they close and give myself a heart attack over making it just in time. I can just get it sent to my apartment.

And, they automatically send you your refills. Every month. You literally don’t have to worry about anything.

They focus on empowering women through their contraception, something that I think isn’t focused on enough, and I personally think everyone should use their service. It’s easy, efficient, personalized, cute af, and comes judgement free.

I’m so thankful I found The Pill Club, and if you’re struggling with a shitty pharmacy, an MIA doctor, or are just fed-up with waiting in a line, order your birth control with them on their website here.

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