A love and divorce expert explains 5 toxic celeb relationships

Have you ever wanted to know what went so wrong in certain celebrity relationships? Are you unable to stop shipping Jelena, despite their clear toxicity towards each other? Did you forgive Jay Z before he even came out with his “Yup, I Cheated” album?

Because same.

We all have an interest in figuring out celeb relationships. So we spoke to relationship expert and marriage attorney Vikki Ziegler to get to the bottom of some of our favorite problematic celebrity couples.

We asked Vikki how she would counsel each couple, and how she would deal with their individual problems. Maybe Vikki can teach us how to walk away from our own Biebers?

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1. Beyoncé & Jay Z

“Jay Z allegedly cheated on Beyoncé with at least one women during their marriage. Cheating is a make or break issue that has the ability to derail a couple. However, getting to the root of the problem of why someone cheated is the real issue to hone in on. Once you determine why it is that Jay Z cheated, the couple needs to determine if Beyoncé can forgive him and figure out if he’s able to not cheat. If so, they can mend and repair their marriage. If not, the marriage is doomed. It appears they have been working on fixing their marriage and Jay Z is allegedly in therapy to deal with his behavior.”


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2. Jelena

“Justin and Selena have had a tumultuous relationship in the past. Selena’s mom has seen the bad boy side of Justin and she doesn’t approve. But has he really changed? Has he grown up? Is he ready to be the man Selena and her mom think she deserves? Time will only tell, but my advice would be for Selena to be cautiously optimistic and ask her mom to give Justin another chance. People can change if they really want to. Justin appears committed to therapy/expert advice so him and Selena can have a successful relationship as long as he stays on the straight and narrow path despite all of his fame and attention.

3. Brangelina

“The perfect-looking couple always has issues behind closed doors, which is common in marriages of this magnitude. With a blended family, high-profile jobs, and glitz and glamour, it’s tough to have a normal and healthy marriage. I suggest that they try to focus on the children’s needs and not the emotional component of why their marriage ended (as hard as that may be). They can co-parent successfully if they get into a therapeutic setting and realize their children need to see their parents, whom they adore, get along for their benefit. Counselors, therapists, clergy and the like can all be beneficial for the couple if they truly focus on the well being of their children.”

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4. Taylor Swift and everyone

“Taylor has had a lot of ‘Bad Blood’ with her exes in the past, which has been great for her career to be able to write about her tribulations. However, in the love department she is slacking [Editor’s note: being single doesn’t mean you’re slacking FYI!], and the question is why? How was Taylor’s family life? Is she secure in herself behind closed doors? Has she just picked the wrong guys? Taylor should do some soul searching to figure out what she can improve on in her next relationship and what has gone wrong. Once she does that, I think she will attract the right partner that will have longevity.”

5. Johnny Depp & Amber Heard

“It’s never okay when a relationship turns violent. We will never really know what exactly went on between the two, but we know it ended their marriage. Luckily they had no children together, but the story was sensationalized as the power couple was extremely famous — especially Johnny Depp. My advice would be to write an apology letter if one or both was culpable to each other and not send it. It’s an exercise to help the parties make amends for the past and move on in the future with a clean slate privately. Writing a letter to the other person you used to love can be a cathartic exercise and is highly recommended.”


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