Dirty disco band Thrift’s new single is about a cray IRL murderess

If you’ve not heard of a genre called “dirty disco” — it’s probably because you haven’t heard of the band Thrift. If there were a definition of “dirty disco” you could stay all polite and shit and say its “garage rock-meets-pop,” or you could call it like it is and say it’s just nasty groovy rock at its finest.

Fronted by resident glam-girl-rocker singer and bass player and all around badass, Anna Carmela, their new tune called “Bombshell” is neck and neck with some of the greatest chick-rocker songs of all time. With the song’s “in your face” vibes, it’s kinda the perfect tune for dare I say it, female empowerment.

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Though the song’s actual subject is a tad morbid, that won’t stop us from rocking out to it.

“I initially wrote ‘Bombshell’ about a court case [from] the early 2000’s,” Anna says. “This girl Jodi Arias killed her boyfriend, Travis Alexander. The whole thing interested me so much because she looked so unassuming. She’s actually called the ‘Bombshell Killer’ (hence the title of the song) — and no one would have pinned her as a murderess. But reviewing all the footage and hearings from the case, it was really clear that she’s a really manipulative, psychotic girl.”

Not saying we should all go out and kill our boyfriends as a way of finding our empowerment — but you know, it’s nice to imagine that some of these dudes will get their karmic return.

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Photos by Kassia Vera

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