Let This Early 2000s Mary-Kate & Ashley Rap Be Your Prom Theme Song

This morning, as I sifted through beauty tutorials in hopes of figuring out how I’ll do my little sister’s makeup for her prom this upcoming weekend, a faint tune popped into my head — one from You’re Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley’s School Dance titled, “Waiting Game.”

If you grew up watching Mary Kate & Ashley movies, you know they stick with you no matter how old you get. You’ll be sitting at the computer, pondering life, when a song about wanting pizza pops into your head from one of the many Mary Kate & Ashley movies in existence. But while some of their songs teach lessons on the power of pizza, others tell you how to fix your boy problems.

In “Waiting Game,” a song about the struggles of waiting for boys to make the first move, the Olsen twins and their #trendy Limited Too wearing girl gang rap their pre-teen butts off. It’s easy to gather from the lyrics that Mary-Kate is waiting for her school crush to call and ask her to the dance, preferably in a sneaky way so that he won’t have to talk to her dad, which would be social suicide… obviously.

Tragic? Yes. Relatable? Totally. We’ve all had moments where we’ve waited for a guy to text us after he said he would, and then he just didn’t. Even if you spent your teenage years in ugly bandana headbands waiting for Justin Timberlake to respond to your fan mail, Mary-Kate and Ashley stood by your side, relating to your boy problems and motivating you to be super successful. Let the Olsen twins help wash away your prom worries, and thank me later.

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