Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen Had A Secret Fashion Show, Here’s What Went Down

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen as anything other than a fun-loving set of twins who spend their free time traveling the world and hooking up with cute boys, but these days the famous sisters could be better described as fashion magnates whose luxury line, The Row, is estimated to have brought in $50 last year in sales.

To celebrate, the twins decided to shake things up by showing their collection in Paris and inviting only a handful of tastemakers to attend.  While fashion insiders were confused, long-time Olsen fans were nonplussed.  After all, this wasn’t the first time Mary Kate and Ashley used their passports to get to Paris.


As you can imagine, the Olsen-approved clothes that walked down the runway were drool-worthy and Instagram-ready.  Some of the night’s highlights included a fashionable sand-colored blanket that can be turned into a jacket with the constant help of one’s hand.


A sand-colored suit that’s both fitted and ill-fitting at the same time (the girls most have worked very hard on that):


A sad pair of red velvet flats that wanted so badly to be loved, but were tossed aside and forced to sit in time out in what might just be the world’s most uncomfortable chair:


And a long yellow coat with sleeves that are practically beginning for you to release them from the agony of always being rolled up.  But just like Sisyphus, the coat sleeves are doomed to an eternity of disappointment.


At least Anna Wintour looks happy.

All photos curtesy of Suzy Menkes and Jessica Michault.

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