How You Know You’re The Side Chick


With social media it’s even easier to meet strangers. Strangers who can portray whatever they like to you. I’m talking about men who are in relationships but want to portray that they are single. I’ve dated some guys who ended up having secret girlfriends.

Like, how do you know when you don’t have mutual friends? Do you really have to stalk the guy and find the only picture of him and her that was posted 52 weeks ago at a family cookout? Pfff. How annoying. Here are some tell tale signs that he might have a secret girlfriend, fiancé or even wife somewhere…

Guys with secret girlfriends are really adamant on going on dates far away or later at night. Or not all, he might put you on straight booty call “come through” status. One guy I met was eager to meet at Crave. Yeah, the 24 hour place. I figured he wasn’t being shady since at least he wanted to go on a date…not invite me over *cough cough* booty call.


But I figured it was fine. Red Flag! Who has a first date at 11 pm? He ended up telling me a month later that he had a girlfriend. Asshole. Guys with secret girlfriends will make up some excuse why you can’t call at certain times or should only text. He’s very affectionate in person, using pet names but he doesn’t text them.

Hmmmm… Doesn’t want the hard copy evidence of his adultery.

Guys with secret girlfriends don’t want you posting heart emojis on their pictures or leaving flirty comments for whatever reason. They don’t want to take pictures together and he definitely doesn’t want to be tagged in any of your posts. He could want his privacy or he’s hiding something from you and the other woman.

Guys with secret girlfriends do NOT add you on Facebook. You requested him three weeks ago and he won’t approve. Why? Because that’s where the plethora of pictures and comments from his main chick are.

So there you go. You could be a side chick and not even know it. If he does most of these things, he doesn’t want to be seen or associated with you. And it’s probably because he has a girlfriend.

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