Guys Are Sick Of Seeing These Things In Girls’ Tinder Bios

Making fun of men’s Tinder bios is a favorite pastime of mine.

From the embarrassing mirror selfies, the over-the-top exotic animal pics, and the bios that contain nothing other than “DTF,” there’s a lot to shade guys over.

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But according to men on Reddit, girls’ Tinder bios have some work to do also. In fact, in a recent Reddit thread, guys got real about what they’re simply sick of seeing in girl’s Tinder bios.

Obviously, we know you’re not going to re-brand your dating app profile for some randos on Reddit who may or may not live with their moms, but still, aren’t you curious?

1. Girls Who Are Desperately Seeking a Comedian

Reddit user LEIFey is not about girls “Saying that [they] like to laugh.”


Reddit user, TheAdventurousWriter, also had a long list of things he was sick of seeing, including “Please be funny!”

I’m not totally sure why guys are mad about this. After all, being funny is a guaranteed way for an average looking dude to make himself seem way hotter. But, I guess if you’re a funny bro who feels “pressured” it can take a toll on you. Girls wouldn’t know what being pressured is like or anything!

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2. Those Dang Height Requirements

This shouldn’t surprise you, as guys are always whining about this. Lots of guys are also trying to combat it by throwing it back in the girl’s face, like Reddit user theSchmoozer.

“Height requirements,” he says. “Doesn’t personally bother me, I’m over 6′. But how would she feel if I told her I have a weight requirement?”

Lots of guys echoed this statement, and other guys suggested responding with something about cup size. Classy.

Is it a shallow thing to do? Yes. Is it kind of dumb to do as the girl might miss out on an awesome dude that’s 5’10”? Also yes. But at the end of the day, Tinder is a shallow app, and the girl who lists her “requirements” in her bio is just making sure no one wastes any time. Honestly, guys should applaud this.

3. Hints At Bestiality

In his long list of shit he doesn’t want to swipe right on, Reddit user Proto__ listed “must love dogs” and “I only swiped right on you for your dog.”

This is surprising, as most dudes seem to love the way they can use a dog to get laid, but I’m so here for it. After all, it’s a dating app, not a bestiality or animal adoption app. Just like Reddit dudes are sick of girls mentioning their love for dogs in their profiles, I’m sick of seeing guys with their dogs in their profile pictures. So let’s just ditch both?

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4. Netflix

I’m down to let the whole “Netflix and chill” phrase die in 2017 as much as I’m ready for “squad” to die, and for once, Reddit dudes agree.

Topping out TheAdventurousWriter‘s list of grievances was girls who have “Netflix and chill… lol” in their bios.

I mean, c’mon, it’s corny as hell.

Reddit user Widdles_P_Diddles also noted that “listing Netflix as a hobby earns a left swipe from me.”

And he’s right. I mean, Netflix isn’t a hobby. But maybe you’ll find the fellow couch potato of your dreams this way.

5. “Not Looking For a Hookup”

Reddit user hoot1991 is sick of girls with bios that say “not looking for a hookup.”

“Bitch please, we both know what Tinder is for,” he writes.

Okay, understood. But just like the girl with the height requirements, she’s doing you a favor. If you’re looking for a one night stand, don’t waste your time on the girl with the “no hookups” in her bio. If she didn’t have it in her bio, you might’ve invited her over only to find that she wasn’t DTF and then you’d have to spend all night whining about blue balls!

6. No Description At All

With all these haters of Tinder bios, you may think that it’s safer to let your photos do the talking and not put anything in your bio, or stick to some emojis. Well, you’d be wrong.

“[I’m sick of seeing] no description and only a couple of bland photos,” says Reddit user Siverix. “Sure we matched and I have no problem sending the first message into the void, but how the hell can they expect to get anything other than a ‘hey’ or cheesy pick up line [when] all they give me to work with is two fucking pictures?”

Honestly, whatever you do, some idiot on Tinder is going to hate you, so might as well just stick to your guns and not try to impress anyone.

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