Taylor Swift’s Definition of “Squad” Is Now in the Dictionary & Officially Dead

There are few things popularized by Taylor Swift that end up being “cool,” but the squad was sort of one of them.

Her obsession with surrounding herself with other other hot female celebs – culminating in the “Bad Blood” video – resulted in everyone and their mother saying “squad” or “squad goals.”

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And I really do mean everyone and their mother – or their father, whichever. In fact, an accurate measurement of how basic the word “squad” has gotten is right in front of our eyes.

The Oxford Dictionary’s website officially added “squad goals” to their list of words.

In the slang world, this is essentially the equivalent of a hot trend descending from the runways to the clearance rack at Kohl’s.

But the idea of “squad” or “squad goals” was already uncool. I mean, just read this Lena Dunham quote from her interview with Lorde for Dazed. If you try really hard, you can almost keep your eyes from rolling into the back of your head.

“I feel that Taylor has really taken control and said, ‘I’m going to get us all together in the same place, I’m gonna make it very clear that friendship is powerful, and women are magic, and if anybody thinks this is a witches’ coven, they might be right.’ She’s just made it her job in a very cool way.”

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I’m sorry, but getting Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham’s approval on something is really not what you look for when determining if something is hip these days. Remember the #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty?

But regardless of how you feel about Taylor Swift, Lena Dunham, or the clique-ness that comes with “squad,” can we all agree that it’s been done to death?

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I mean, seriously, it was one thing when you used “squad” to caption a cute pic of you and your BFFs. It’s another thing when the word “squad” is being emblazoned on apparel at Forever 21 and used in social media campaigns for big brands.

And this isn’t new, that Burger King tweet is from 2015.

I know 2017 is a shit-show, and we’re taking comfort in old habits like jean skirts and emo music, but let’s let “squad” die so it can rest peacefully with the rest of the shit Taylor Swift and her squad ruined, okay?

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