We Want These 6 Dream Insta Updates Instead of The New One

Instagram just launched a new feature where you no longer have to use the app to upload a photo.

Confusing, but basically you can now upload a photo from your desktop directly onto Instagram, which is cool if you’re the type of person who takes professional photos with a real camera, or the type of person who needs Photoshop instead of Facetune (sorry, y’all ain’t slick).

Not that we’re mad about this update or anything. But like, there were so many other things we would’ve rather had? We’ll take the liberty of naming a few, and we’re sure you relate.

1. No More DM Read Receipts

Have you ever accidentally clicked on a DM and then realized you definitely weren’t going to respond to it? Well, the sender can see that you’ve read it, so now you kind of have to. I mean, you don’t have to, but you’re going to look like a asshole if you don’t. Why can’t Instagram have the option to turn off the read receipts just like we have on our iPhones? Would be fab.

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2. A Filter That Changes What You See During The Day vs. At Night

Our pop culture writer, Maria, would love a filter that allowed her feed to be all celebs during the day (while she’s at work keeping tabs) and transferred to just showing her actual friends at night, so she can see what they’re up to.

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You may not have this exact wish, but what about a filter that showed you all the fitspo accounts during the week and all #brunchgoals during the weekend? Doesn’t sound too bad.

3. The Ability To Kinda-Sorta Block Your Ex

The cool/creepy thing about social media is they have an awareness of whose stuff you actually look at. Facebook always shows you your BFF and sister’s status updates, and LinkedIn will always send you updates about your co-worker. Unfortunately, this becomes a problem when someone you’re close with becomes someone you never want to see again. Facebook has a feature that will “erase” your ex, so when’s Instagram going to catch up?

Although, you should never feel bad about unfollowing your ex after a break-up. We recommend doing it ASAP.

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4. A Filter That Gets Rid of Any Hot People Selfies When You Feel Like a Turd

Everyone has those days where you feel like sweatpants are all that fits right now but you’re still probs going to Taco Bell to eat away the pain. The last thing you need during times like these is to innocently scroll down your Instagram feed while feasting on a Chicken Chalupa and see Jen Selter doing squats, or Alexis Ren being impossibly thin and writhing around a pool, or anybody who’s hot, TBH.

5. A Feature That Automatically Unfollows Anyone Who Has a Baby

I’m so sorry, but I high-key unfollow pretty much anyone once they post a photo of a baby. I’m 23 and I don’t need that sort of negativity in my life! Some people love seeing chubby poopers all day, but I don’t! Same goes for dogs, cats, or any animals, TBH.

6. A Feature That Allows You To Delete From IG But Keep on FB

More and more people are “curating” their Instagram feeds. This means that the embarrassing drunk selfies from high school are a no-go. But sometimes you still want these gems on Facebook, ya feel? So, since Facebook and Instagram are owned by the same company, why can’t we delete it on Insta but keep it on Facebook? Just a thot.

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