Why We Close Our Eyes When We Kiss

Why do we close our eyes during all of our hot, steamy make out sessions? Good question.

But thanks to a recent study featured on The Debrief, we have our perfect answer. Psychologists Polly Dalton and Sandra Murphy, whose research was published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, have discovered how hard it is for our little human brain to focus on any other senses while being visually stimulated. Basically, their idea is that if we don’t close our eyes when we kiss, we won’t be able to enjoy how it feels. Oh my gawd!

Polly and Sandra asked a group of people to participate in tasks that required them to use their visual senses. While the participants completed their assigned tasks, a small vibration was applied to their hands.

Researchers involved in the study found that the harder the visual task, the less the vibrations were felt. Why? Well, simply because the participants’ brains were unable to focus on much else other than what they were seeing with their eyes.

This same idea can be applied to our make out sessions. When we kiss, we won’t be able to enjoy the physical feeling if our eyes are open. Roaming eyes lead to distraction from any other sensations, which in this case, are supposed to feel really good.

So, per chance you’re one of those weirdos who kisses with your eyes open, just stop. For both you and the poor bastard looking straight into your eyes, it won’t feel good and you cannot help but look terrifyingly creepy.

You’re sexier than that! You know it bish!

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