This Consent PSA Is Definitely Going to Get People to Have Less Sex

A new PSA series meant to teach people not to have non-consensual sex is definitely going to accomplish its job, but that’s mostly because it’s creepy enough to literally kill any boner.

The short public service announcements show CGI boobs, butts, dicks, and hands interacting in non-consensual ways. The messages behind the ads are great — don’t grope people’s boobs just because they liked your jokes, guys! But the creepy beige dick bopping around kind of distracts from the message, no?

Doesn’t that just make you never want to bop from side to side again as long as you live?

Also, where are the pubes? Can’t we at least get some five-o’clock-shadow action? This perfectly sculpted and hairless pink vag is totally giving me below-the-belt body dysmorphia.

It would be cool if our junk actually could make facial expressions to register disgust when randos come pushing up against them out of nowhere. Dr. Miami, please get on it!

Joking aside, it’s great that these PSAs are creepy enough to get passed around, because bros might actually learn something from them while recoiling from the bendiness of these cartoon schlongs.

Case in point: how many girls are texting this one to their boyfriend right now saying “lol it’s u and me”?

[H/T BuzzFeed]

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