Your Opportunity To Kiss Justin Bieber Has Just Arrived

Everybody wants to kiss Justin Bieber. And now you can! Sort of.

The design studio BRAVÒ  (the company behind, a site that matches your local weather to the appropriate Kim Kardashian outfit) has created, a website that allows you to upload or live-capture photos of yourself, and watch magic happen when JB plants one on your receptive cheek, mouth, or any other body part you might think of. This cyber kissing booth is all about you. See above for reference. Our example comes with bonus Amber Rose hands because why not?

According to Creative Director Ivan Olita:

“We were brainstorming: what could we create which celebrates love and positive vibes for the world? We came up with the idea of kissing … I mean, it’s such a universal, pleasant feeling. Someone mentioned Justin Bieber, and somehow we all agreed he was universal — and in some fascinating way — pleasant as well. So we decided we’d combine the two things together and was born.”

Watch this weird how-to video on how to use the website, and then go to town on Justin’s face.


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