Justin Bieber Had a Super Chill Birthday

Yesterday was Justin Bieber’s 22nd birthday, and apparently it was super chill.

Like, literally it may have been the coolest birthday party ever. 

Of course, Justin didn’t spend his 22nd birthday all by himself. He brought all his best bros with him!

Going clockwise and starting at the bottom left we have:

Post Malone, a rapper with bad hair.
Josh Gudwin, an engineer/producer who worked with Bieber on Purpose.
John Shahidi, CEO of Shots (an photo app).
Mr. Hero, a boxer who has no Twitter account and believes that nobody is perfect.
and Maejor, better known as Maejor Ali, a musician/producer who wrote one of the best-worst songs of all time.

None of them could get over how chill Justin’s birthday was either.

But can you blame them? The party included body sledding – does it even get cooler than that?

This is a little kid smile

A video posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

And to top it all off, Justin spent the rest of his night Netflix and chilling by himself in Playboy sweatpants.

Here’s to a chill AF year, Biebs.


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