Kim Kardashian Has A Valentine’s Day Present For You

Kim Kardashian wants you to celebrate Valentine’s day with her. And her 80 new free Emojis, that may or may not just come with the Kim app, if you already have it. Kim announced the new edition of emojis on Twitter.

The Valentine’s Day emoji editions include 3D-ish  icons of flowers, tampons, and edible hearts that read “ratchet”. The release of Kimojs a relatively small, yet notable move for the Kardashian empire were originally (allegedly) inspired by real-life events that took place on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, broke the iPhone app store upon the day of release, rereleased with an updated aesthetic quality, then—deemed empowering.

According to Bustle: “Included in the new update are a tampon and birth control pills — two things that tend to be way too stigmatized. Women’s sexual health is something people may blush at (even though it’s 2016), but Kim K doesn’t shy away from including these essentials in her app. The previous version of the app already had a condom, but props to Kardashian for adding in birth control pills too.”

Ready for Kardashian-branded cyber romance and empowerment this holiday? See the rest of the Valentine’s Day Kimojis here.

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