The Best Way to Make Your Ex Jealous Is to Forget About Him

I would be lying if I said I never went out of my way on social media to try to make an ex jealous.

After an embarrassing amount of time spent changing around filters and figuring out my best angles, I finally realized it. Why on earth was I wasting so much of my time on someone who isn’t worth a megabyte of my data? It was time to get my sh*t together and start facing some hard facts. That person already knows what I look like, and what amazing qualities I have to offer. That same person is also the one who is going to realize it sooner or later that they are the one missing out, not me.

So instead, I decided to change my point of view and stop wondering whether my ex saw my latest post or snap. Now that doesn’t mean I stopped posting flirty selfies, but instead I post them because it makes me feel confident. Gaining that self-assurance isn’t easy, but once you discover it, you will find yourself beyond empowered. Go ahead and take those gym selfies, but don’t look at it as posting your “revenge body.” Think of it as showing off that body you are working hard for to make yourself feel sexy.

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Take some time for yourself and try out those YouTube makeup tutorials you’ve been bookmarking, or that celeb inspired haircut. Then go ahead and post that “before and after” shot. The trick to rocking your new look is to go with your gut and find what makes YOU feel the best. All the makeup, filters, and blowouts in the world don’t hold a candle to self-confidence.

Post that screenshot of your Pinterest perfect adventure spot. Not because you need a drunk blackout weekend to forget about someone, but because it’s at the top of your wanderlust bucket list. Now grab your girlfriends and plan that trip you’ve been dying to go to.

Naturally, the most popular way to try and make an ex jealous is by using someone else as your arm candy. I’m not saying to not go out and get your flirt on, but do it for other reasons other than looking for some false online advertisement. Don’t just grab a guy for a picture, instead take his hand and drag him out to the dance floor because your song is on.

The second you start doing things purely for yourself and not because you’re trying to make your loser ex jealous is when you’ll actually get over him. Who cares how many likes you get, because in the end the most satisfying way to make any ex jealous is to show them just how much you don’t care.

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