This New Average-Looking Ken Doll Better At Least Have a Nice Car

Before Mattel decided to release a realistically proportioned Barbie, there was the Lammily doll.

The Lammily doll slightly resembled our friend Barbie, but was more realistically proportioned. Based on the average measurements of a 19-year-old American girl, the Lammily doll’s measurements scaled up to a height of 5’4” (Barbie: 5’9”), with a 31” waist (Barbie: 18”) and an American shoe size of 7.5 (Barbie: size 3), according to The Guardian.

Now that Barbie has released its own dolls in a variety of more “realistic” shapes and sizes, the Lammily brand has decided to go one step further. This time, Lammily is combating unrealistic expectations for male body types because unfortunately, not every dude can have abs like Zac Efron.

The male Lammily doll is also proportioned to mirror the average 19-year-old male body type. Unlike Ken, he has no six pack, thicker legs and thinner arms, and no pectoral muscles to speak of. In fact, his chest situation stops just short of man boobs.

With all this importance placed on reality, we can’t help wondering if the male Lammily has a penis (but an average sized penis, of course).


While the majority of females lauded the creation of an average Barbie doll, we at Galore aren’t so keen on the male counterpart. In fact, as soon as the majority of the women in the Galore office caught a peek at the male Lammily doll, the consensus was one word: ew.

Women spend so much time dealing with our own body issues and the media’s constant sizing up of female bodies, that it seems we may have forgotten about the men. Yes, it can certainly be argued that women have more unrealistic expectations when it comes to our bodies, but men face unfair stereotypes about their bodies as well.

Yet, when you tune in to your favorite sitcom and take a glance at the all-American family on screen, you’ll notice one thing: an unbelievably hot-for-a-mom wife, and a husband that is the epitome of the word “dad bod” or worse.

Sure, not every guy can have a six pack or a perfectly coiffed head of gelled hair like Ken, but couldn’t we women be the average looking ones with an overly attractive spouse for once? Why can’t average-looking Barbie still have her knight in shining plastic, complete with buff arms and that pearly white smile?

Men get to be mediocre in real life and fiction all the damn time. While we appreciate Lammily’s efforts in addressing male body insecurities, we’re still buying the OG Ken for our future kids.

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