Controversy Behind The ‘Dad Bod’ Phenomenon


I’m not exactly sure when the whole idea of guys (particularly college aged males) started thinking having a “dad bod” was cool. Was it after they realized nearly every TV show features a hot mom and a fat dad? Was it when they realized that it’s reasonably easy to hide being “skinny fat” with the right clothes? Maybe it was when they decided that there was no reason to put all that effort in at the gym when they could just as easily sit on their ass and drink beer. The irony really lies in the fact that the boys who are “rocking the dad bod” are probably the same boys who are hanging posters of surgically enhanced Maxim models on their wall.

Why is it that female’s are held up to standards of having “the perfect body” whereas males have decided they can slack off and keep their beer gut? If girls decided to trade in guzzling detox smoothies and running laps in favor of chomping on fried chicken and sitting on the couch watching The Royals, would boys be happy? I’m certainly not saying that boys only like girls with the body of a Victoria’s Secret model, or that girls only stay in shape to impress dudes. But appearance is still so much more important for women than it is for men.

I hate to get all political on you guys, but it brings me to the criticism that’s been circling the presidential race. When’s the last time you heard someone talking about Obama’s physique or how f***able Rand Paul is? Yet, Hilary is constantly being spoken about like she’s running for America’s Next Top Model instead of the presidency. The same way that not every girl is going to look like J. Lo, not every guy is going to look like Channing Tatum. But do you know what’s sexy? Someone who has dedication and puts in effort, two qualities that are necessary if you want to get in killer shape. Boys, I would never tell you how to live your life (and you surely wouldn’t listen anyway). But your dad bod isn’t impressing anyone, and instead of reveling in your un-athleticism and love of pizza, try going to the gym.

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