Zac Efron Is Trying to Twerk His Way to Your Forgiveness

Zac Efron has been making some arguably questionable decisions lately, but twerking for Ellen DeGeneres while wearing tight leather pants isn’t one of them. 


Zac Efron had a bad day on Monday. In an effort to social media multi-task, the heartthrob shared a now-deleted picture of himself driving around in a car with the caption, “I’m grateful for a couple things today: Martin Luther King JR & 10 Million followers on IG” making sure to include pointed index finder and raised fist emojis, both in a black skin tone.  

Later he skipped out on a 10 year High School Musical reunion. 

It’s hard to say which the Internet was more upset over — oh wait, no, it’s obviously the first one.


In an effort to help us all forget that happened, Zac Efron headed over to The Ellen Degeneres Show to play a lighthearted game of charades which showcased a more acceptable range of bad behaviors. 

You know, like making out, twerking, skinny dipping, and even giving Ellen a lap dance.  

He also said something super self-deprecating about his career because he knows that’s the real way to the internet’s heart:

Working with De Niro was really fantastic because I got to get to know the legend, but it was also really awkward at moments ’cause I’ve seen virtually everything this guy’s done… So every single time we show up to work there’s sort of that awkward moment where it’s like we have to acknowledge that you’re the greatest of all time and I’m, ya know, what could you have possibly even seen that I would have been a part of? High School Musical?” 


The whole thing reminds us of that moment in season seven of Mad Men where Peggy dropped some serious knowledge about how to take charge of your own narrative: if you don’t like what they’re saying, change the conversation

Time will tell whether the sight of Zac Efron awkwardly giving Ellen Degeneres a lap dance will make the actor look any better, but at least we’ll always have this video to remind us that he tried.

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