9 Definite Signs You’re Dealing With a Fuckboy

The only thing worse than realizing you’ve been played by a fuckboy? Wavering in that in-between phase where you’re pretty sure your latest boy toy is a fuckboy, but you’re kind of in denial about it, or you’re “unsure.”

To be fair, they’ve gotten a little bit more deceptive, and have manifested in different varieties like “soft boys.” Plus, they emulate normal human behavior in hopes of getting in your pants.

But, at the end of the day, the message is still clear: you need to GTFO.

Here are surefire signs that he’s a John Tucker in Ryan Gosling’s clothing.

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1. He Always Wants to “Cuddle”

It’s one thing to be talking to a dude who likes cuddling, it’s another to be talking to a dude who feels the need to vocalize it. If he makes a point of texting you, “I want to cuddle you so hard,” or “come cuddle,” it’s not that he’s a sensitive lil bb, it’s that he thinks you’ll like him more if he wants to cuddle.

Too bad guys are the ones who really like cuddling! Except normal guys (non fuckboys) would never admit it in writing.

Also, his idea of cuddling usually ends in sex — or at least a BJ.

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2. He Always Sends You Shirtless Pics

If he has a nice body, you might appreciate these pics initially before realizing he’s sending them with the hope that you’ll send a shirtless pic back. Not to mention that he probably thinks he’s god’s gift to womankind if he feels the need to consistently send you semi-nude pics. The only thing that would be worse (and more obvious fuckboy behavior) is if he asks you for pics explicitly. Please don’t fall for the “Oh, I meant of your face!”

3. He’s Accidentally Used Another Girl’s Name

Come on, you don’t need someone to tell you this. I don’t care if Cassandra is allegedly his sister’s or co-worker’s name, the fact that he’s confusing her with you is f*cking sketch.

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4. He Claims To Be “Complicated”

A guy who claims to be “complicated” is the male equivalent of a girl who says stuff like “if you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.” They think being “deep” and reading Bukowski means they’re justified in sending mixed signals and treating you like shit. But guess what? They’re not. Tell him to call you when he’s figured his shit out, or never.

5. He’s Always Commenting On Hot Girls’ Insta Posts

There’s no shame in liking some Insta-hotties’ pics, we all do it, and some of us simply like everything on our feeds. But commenting? That’s a new level of thirsty. Especially if it’s a girl who he clearly doesn’t know IRL.

Like, what does he think? That Kate Upton is going to see his comment and suddenly DM him? Get real.

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Maybe (hopefully) he doesn’t think that, but the fact that he’s shameless and thirsty enough to comment for everyone to see is probs a bad sign!

6. His Preferred Method of Communication Is Snapchat

Fuckboys flock to Snapchat like Katy Perry flocks to anything “woke,” and the reasoning is clear: it’s super easy to hide their tracks. Snapchat has clearly been team fuckboy ever since it deleted the “best friends” feature, and players have been scheming nudes and booty calls on the app since. Maybe you should switch to Instagram stories?

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7. He’s Still on Tinder

Some dating experts argue that you should delete your dating apps once you meet someone you’re into, so that you can focus fully on them. After all, you can always re-download it later if it doesn’t work out.

In 2017, this is a big ask, and you can’t expect everyone to follow suit. But, if you guys are hanging out frequently, banging, etc. and you’re not still on dating apps, he shouldn’t be either. Especially Tinder, the app notorious for fuckboys.

8. He Sends Good Morning Texts

But wait, I thought “good morning” texts were a good sign? No, girl. Good morning texts are the internet’s lowest form of praising boys for doing literally nothing.

Just like guys who claim to love cuddling, the good morning text is a classic way that a fuckboy tries to disguise himself as a nice guy. He knows that girls go ga-ga for a good morning text, so he takes the two seconds to send one and hopes it means you’ll put out that night.

9. His Name Is In Your Head Right Now

We love being able to give you the answers, but a lot of times, you already know the truth. If you have to Google “signs he’s not into you,” he’s probably not into you. If you have to look up “signs he’s a fuckboy,” he’s definitely a fuckboy! You’re a smartie pants, and he’s not getting in yours, right?

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