You Can Finally Hide Your Off-Brand Instagram Pics Without Deleting Them

People are taking Instagram pretty seriously these days. Your Instagram can serve as everything from a social tool to a business calling card, so it makes sense to put some effort into it.

Chances are, a cute guy has asked for your IG handle instead of your number at least once, and you’ve also noticed some of your friends putting a million job titles in their bios as if it’s LinkedIn.

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But if you’re trying to turn your Instagram from a collection of drunk selfies with your BFFs into something more profesh — or at least influencer-worthy — you probably face the dilemma of deciding whether you want to delete all your old pics. Sure, they might be kind of poorly lit or scandy, but they represent actual memories (hazy ones, maybe, but still memories) that you can’t bring yourself to fully delete.

Well, enter Instagram’s new feature: archive.

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The feature allows you to hide any photos from your Instagram feed without completely deleting them, meaning you can always put them back up later if you want, and bask in all the hilarious comments your friends left back when the photo was up and you weren’t so nervy about your personal brand.

At first glance, I admit I wondered, “WTF does anyone need this for?”

But, after deliberating with my co-workers, there are all sorts of ways this sus lil feature can be used. Like, say a fuckboy goes “Instagram official” with a girl, but then wants to trade Instagram accounts with some babes at the club? He can just hide the photo of him and his boo. When she calls him out, he’ll remove it from the archive, put it back up, and be like, “I don’t know WTF you’re talking about, you’re crazy.”

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Also, just like we used to change our Facebook last names in the old days before applying to colleges, this feature can be used if you’re worried a hiring manager is going to see all your thotty bikini photos on Instagram. Although, if you have a million, it might just be better to set your account to private.

And currently, if you use Instagram to publish photos to Facebook, deleting them from Insta removes them from FB too. This kind of sucks, because you might want to keep, for example, a pic of you and your fam on vacation up on Facebook but not your newly professional and tightly branded Instagram. We’re not sure yet how this feature will affected the Instagram photos you’ve shared to Facebook, but hopefully, it’ll keep them from disappearing.

The feature isn’t out yet, but they have been testing it on certain accounts, which is how one user found out about the feature originally. It’s since been confirmed by Instagram and is said to be rolling out over the next few months.

H/T: Tech Crunch

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