8 Stories of How to Catch a Cheater Using Social Media

Everyone blames social media for making our relationships more difficult, but that’s a slippery slope. Social media may cause fights, but it might be because it makes it easier for people to find out when their partners are cheating. If it wasn’t for social media, they’d just be living in ignorant bliss.

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But just because social media makes it more possible for cheaters to get caught doesn’t mean it’s easy. Sometimes, a sketched out bae has to go a little too far. We talked to our readers to ask their craziest stories about stalking partners, exes, and side baes on social media. Some had success and dumped their lying boo, while others just made fools of themselves.

1. When He’s Desperate Enough Not to Have His Phone

My friend was in love with this fuckboy named Dave for like, years, and I always told her to move on and do better whenever he cheated or did some other dumb shit. So finally she dated another of my friends, Nick, but she was still hung up on her ex and he knew it. One time she drove over to Dave’s “to talk” and Nick had a feeling she was being sketchy, so left his iPhone in her glove compartment and used Find My iPhone. He asked her where she was and she lied, then he used his phone to prove that she was at her ex’s and call her out.

2. The Sisterhood of The Traveling Stalkers

My sorority (some of my sisters, not including myself) has a fake account that they use to add people and spy on them on social media, because for some reason guys to love to cheat with girls who have private Instagrams.

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3. When You Accidentally Befriend The Enemy

My friend Kara has been dating a fuckboy for like four years now and he’s cheated on her consistently that whole time, so when she noticed a text pop up on his phone, she memorized the number and texted it to me so I could call the person and figure out if it was a girl or a guy. Obviously, it was a girl, and it turned out he was going to Miami to hang out with her. So then I added her on Snap so I could watch her Snap story (especially while he was in Miami) but she added me back. Now years later, we still watch each other’s story and I think we are low-key friends by accident.

4. Where’s The Trust At Babe?

I was going out to NYC for the weekend with my girls and my boyfriend was nervous about it because he didn’t trust me. During the weekend he kept asking a million questions and I’d tell him what club I was at, etc. At one point, I got invited to a famous rapper’s table and told my boyfriend about it. Later that week, when I was in bed with my boyfriend and he was scrolling through his Snapchat, I noticed that he followed one of the clubs on Snapchat that I visited the other weekend. When I asked him about it, he said he only followed them so he could show his guy friend the rapper was there. But then, months later, I noticed he followed another club I went to on Snapchat. He tried to make up some other reason, but it was clear he was just trying to stalk me and make sure I wasn’t doing some sus shit. Good times.

5. U OK, Bro?

I was with my boyfriend and I saw him receive a Snapchat from a girl I didn’t know. Later, I messaged that girl on Facebook and found out that my boyfriend had been sending her the creepiest texts, basically begging her to come over and saying he “needed her.” She literally sent me the Snapchat screenshots. He still denies it was him to this day or claims he was fucked up on drugs, as if that made it okay.

6. Sometimes You End Up Playing Yourself

I set up my boyfriend’s Apple iCloud account for him so I knew his password and I just enabled Find My iPhone. So all I had to do was log into Find My iPhone on my phone and it would show me his location. I caught him lying a lot, but it made me insane because I became obsessed.

7. When Your Stalking Bites You In The Ass

I made a fake Facebook account and friended my boyfriend’s ex because I heard she was trash talking me on Facebook and I wanted to check it out. She made her Facebook status “hairy face bitch you’re ugly,” which I found hilarious. She was 30 and I was 22. Real mature for a 30-year-old.

So for about the past two months I’ve been uploading photos from Instagram to Facebook and Twitter but they would never load to my Facebook. So today I said to myself, “I can get to the bottom of this.” I went to the section where you link your account. And then it hit me for some fucked up reason because the universe hates me, all of my Instagram photos have been going to my fake Facebook account.

That’s what I get for making a fake Facebook to begin with. The pictures of myself with my family, then one with my boyfriend — her ex — and me were all on the fake Facebook. I wasn’t even creative enough to change my first name — it was my real name with a fake last name. I panicked. I didn’t even look at the pictures or at her profile, I just deactivated the account as soon as I saw what I’d done.

8. When Bae’s Away…

My boyfriend was working an internship in another state, and I had a feeling he was doing some sketch shit with one of his female coworkers. I made a fake Snapchat and added her and would constantly watch her story to see if anything shady was going on that involved my boo. Sure enough, I eventually found out that he slept over at her house one night. That was the end of that.

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