7 Things Celebrities Taught Us This Year

While this year celebrities mostly just confirmed what we always suspected to be true — Kim’s the center of the universe, everyone loves to look at nipples, Taylor Swift is a phony — there are a few things celebrities did manage to teach us along the way this year.

1. ACE bandages are appropriate party wear

Kylie wore this ACE bandage of a onesie to the ridiculous birthday party she and Tyga threw for his son and nobody was upset about it.


A photo posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

2. Instagram is actually hell

Last month Justin Bieber told his fans that he didn’t want to get his Instagram back because, “Instagram is for the devil. I think hell is Instagram, I’m 90% sure.”

3. You can wear bike shorts with anything

This year, Kim Kardashian really pushed the envelope for what was acceptable to wear out in public. Like bike shorts.

Once acceptable for only three reasons — going to the gym, going to/from the gym, 80s party — thanks to Kim, you can wear bike shorts all day long.

You can wear them to go out to lunch, you can wear them to a business meeting, and you can even wear them to try and distract the paparazzi from the fact your nipples are showing!

Thanks, Kimmy! We didn’t know what we were missing out on.

4. You can become president of the United States with no political experience whatsoever as long as you were the star of a successful reality TV show first.

Only in America!!

5. Kendall is Kris’s new favorite child

We always assumed that Kris’s favorite child was Kim for obvious reasons, and while that was probably true for many years, it’s not anymore.

Now her favorite child is Kendall, and nobody else even comes close.

6. Taylor Swift is a snake

We always knew Taylor was an opportunistic phony — or in her words, a nightmare dressed like a daydream — but who knew that she was actually a actually a villain before everything with Kimye went down?

7. The only person better than Kim at finessing her way to fame is Blac Chyna

Who knew!

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